We are accountable to you

One of our core values is integrity, as we value the trust given to effectively and efficiently help those in need. That is why we make financial information public. Below are our most recent 990 Tax Forms, annual reports, and audited financial statements.

2015 Annual Report

2015 Audited Financial Statement

2015 US 990 Tax Form

2014 US 990 Tax Form

2013 US 990 Tax Form

2012 US 990 Tax Form

2011 US 990 Tax Form

We are efficient

Since our inception in 2008, Many Hands for Haiti has made every effort to get the most money on the ground in Haiti as possible. We have sought designated funds to cover most administrative costs, allowing for funds from donors to get into Haiti for work helping Haitians.  It was with great joy received our 2015 audited financial statements, which details out all of our income, expenses, and administrative costs. In that, we had an administrative cost percentage of only 10.3%,which is very low for an organization our size. What that means – for every $1.00 given to Many Hands for Haiti, $0.897 of that dollar goes towards programs that help make God real in a broken world.

We are effective

We come from a business background that emphasizes best-practices to meet the challenges of the day. It is our core value to work in partnership where possible, as too many Non-Government Organizations do not work together for the greater good. We will partner with those organizations that are making a difference in tackling these challenging areas with funding, strengthen those that are engaged but need help with partnering, and create and implement plans where no organizations or individuals are actively meeting the challenges of the day.

We are relational

We believe in going narrow and deep, building lasting relationships that make an impact. We want this to be personal. We want for each donor to get to know our staff and partners on the ground. We want churches and organizations in the US to meet many of our leaders. By going narrow and deep, this helps create life-change, both for those in Haiti and donors across the world.