In Haiti, half of the population does not have access to clean water. Water is life. When no clean water is available, life is miserable. Think if you woke up this morning and had no water access in your house. No shower, no brushing your teeth, no toilet, no washing your clothes. Now imagine you needed to do all those same tasks, but you had to go to your nearest river or lake, which most likely is miles away. Now, when you walk all that distance, the water you are about to use is teeming with deadly bacteria, parasites, and waterborne diseases – that are literally killing you. This is the reality for roughly 5 million Haitians everyday.

To help solve this giant problem, we partner with Haiti Outreach, who is actively engaged in helping cities build or rebuild their water systems. The philosophy is to work with community development personnel already established within the city and develop a plan together to address the needs. In 2011, through the leadership of Haiti Outreach and the active support of MH4H, the town of Pignon has placed 44,000 feet of PVC pipe in the ground, installed a 24-hour pumping system, and will have roughly 500 house connections and 17 kiosks for purchasing clean water. As well, in each school we build, we drill a well that provides clean water to the area and the kids that attend school.

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