To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Many Hands for Haiti, Tim Brand is sharing the inspiring stories of the people, the experiences, and the organizations that have played a vital role in making Many Hands what it is today. We stand on the shoulders of those that came before us.


Annalise Ynocent

The smell of death is seared into my memory. No matter how much I try to forget it, I can’t, because on March 3, 2013, my world collided with Annalise Ynocent.

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Small Actions Have Legacy Potential

Sitting on the back of a well-worn donkey, a 43-year-old man ascends up a winding path towards a fortress called the Citadelle. At 6’1”, 200 pounds, black with gray-streaked hair, and sweat dripping down his back, this man is wildly out of place. He is one of the few...

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