The Personal Energy Transportation (PET) team from Mobility Worldwide greeted the sun from an airplane before touching ground in Pignon, Haiti. While each member has a specific part to play, they work together to use their unique gifts for God’s glory. Follow Nic Coe’s account of the first day to get a glimpse of their plans for the rest of the week.

Hello from Pignon Haiti. We were very blessed with smooth travels yesterday and today and thank you for your prayers. The greatest blessing occurred when we got to watch the sunrise from the plane this morning. Getting to watch the sunrise reminded us that God has a perfect plan laid out for each of us. We continue to pray for the opportunity to step out of our way and let God’s perfect plan be revealed.

The MH4H campus has undergone many changes since the six of us were here last. The change in one year is remarkable from the landscape, to the interior painting and the building of Irene’s place. We have read about the improvements but seeing them in person brings another level of appreciation. The view from the roof of Irene’s place is absolutely breathtaking and a great place for reflection and prayer.

The team is blessed by spending our week with Dean and Paula VanRoekel. Dean and Paula have a great vision for the campus and are walking with God throughout the whole process.

Carol and Twyla spent the afternoon getting bundled bottoms ready to be sewed while Pete, Harold and Fran examined used PET carts to help plan the improvements. Tomorrow the guys will be taking carts to the community of DonDon to bless 6 individuals who do not have mobility.

Nic was able to see Kaki walk with his braces and a walker. He is starting to stand without holding on for a few minutes and tolerating his stretching. Kaki is a 10-year-old little boy who had club foot repair surgery done in August. Over the past few months he has made remarkable progress in his ability to walk on his feet instead of his knees. Like all children Kaki does not love his physical therapy, however he faces each new struggle with a smile on his face and the determination to keep going.