finding hope in a brighter future


Finding hope in a Brighter FUture

September 2015, Idanise walked her youngest daughter, Elinise, to the Many Hands campus for the first time. Idanise’s own mother, Rosita, watched her go, contemplating the hope in her heart for this new program called Thrive for Five (Now “First 1000 Days.”). Idanise and her three children live with her parents and brother in a two-room dirt-floor house made of sticks and mud. Having never been married, Idanise tells herself, “I am not a special person with a husband who is responsible and works hard.” Still, she does her best for the children.

 Idanise and Rosita both work in commerce buying goods wholesale and reselling at the local market. There Idanise sells cassava bread every Saturday. Before Rosita started buying plantains from Many Hands to resell, she would travel by donkey to a town four hours away to get the produce needed for her market stand. Hard as they tried, their weekly income was not enough for the growing household. Little Linda was soon added to their family.

“Hard as they tried, their weekly income was not enough for the growing household.”

In July 2017, through Linda’s involvement with the Love in Action initiative, the family received a pregnant goat from Many Hands’ goat distribution program. Before long, two male kids were born. “This blesses us in every way,” Rosita says. Idanise realizes that owning goats is an investment. She hopes to eventually trade the two males for breed-able females.

In addition to economic development, Idanise has blossomed spiritually. Idanise was not a Christian upon joining our programs. After a year of hearing the Bible teachings in the program, she gave her life to Christ. Because of her past involvement in Voodoo, Idanise is aware of spiritual forces. “If you give the spirits something, they’ll eat you. If you don’t give them something, they’ll eat you. They’re just evil. But when God gives you something, He won’t eat you. He wants to save you. He won’t leave you stranded.”

As of September 2017, Rosita sees the impact the program has had on her family.  Linda (18 months) still comes to our Love in Action programs with her mom while Elinise (4 years) has started her second year at the School of Light. Rosita notes that the girls are developing faster than their two older siblings who are not in the program.

The greatest impact on the family has been the Christian community they now surround themselves with. Yes, finances are a daily struggle but now Idanise trusts in a God who has proven Himself faithful to provide.

BRING CHANGE TO Mothers like Idanise


BRING CHANGE TO Mothers Like Idanise