Finjuste Ynocent knows that an easy life is a blessing few can boast of. For that reason, he does not become angry when sharing his story with others; rather, he allows his hardships to showcase God’s mercy in his life. Ynocent’sstory is like many others in Haiti. He lost his mother at thirteen years of age. His father passed away a few short years later leaving him and his fifteen siblings as orphans, fending for themselves. WIth life becoming harder, Ynocent quickly lost heart for school, dropping out before sixth grade.  

Soon, the siblings were forced to separate as brothers and sisters went to live with various family and friends, However, Ynocent stayed where he was. “God took me and put me in a place where I did not have to move away.”  Five of Ynocent’s siblings have since passed away. Ynocent believes he would have had a similar fate, but “If it wasn’t for the will of God, I would be asking for charity on the road.” Ynocent believes his faith has kept him strong. “I submitted to God and I chose Him as my personal Savior…If I wasn’t a God-fearing man, the city wouldn’t see me today and I wouldn’t see the city”.


Ynocent with his family

By 2016, Ynocent was married with two sons of his own. Looking to provide for his family, he pursued different means of work before settling in as a farmer. However, the lack resources available and droughts killing his crops were a constant struggle. Steadfast in his determination to provide for his family, Ynocent was often seen making the daily trek to his garden with shoulders set but his head drooped. For Ynocent, this seems like a cycle that would never end. Little did he know that a change was coming.

One fateful day, two messengers approached his garden searching for specific community members to be a part of the Many Hands Leadership Development program. Seeing  an opportunity, Ynocent quickly agreed to join. From there he started a two-year journey through the Leadership Development program, receiving a certificate of completion at the end. Looking back, Ynocent remarked, “It was a great story because I have learned a lot. Mostly from the Word of God in the Bible.”

Ynocent’s home garden

After completing the Leadership Development Program, and showing his dedication, Ynocent was picked with nineteen others to participate in the MH4H agricultural technical school.  During this time, Ynocent attended classes, read course materials, and listened to lectures. He praised God for the teachers in the agriculture program and the ways they helped him learn. Poor eyesight caused Ynocent to struggle with reading in the dimmer light. But Ynocent wanted to persevere, understanding the value of what he was learning. Class instructors allowed him to sit outside in the sun where he was able to read while still being able to hear and participate with lectures. At the end of the program, Ynocent took the final exam earning a another certificate of completion.

“I say glory to God and I ask God’s blessing on the people who helped me. Because God put it on their heart to help me.”

Full of knowledge and motivation, Ynocent wanted to provide for his family, starting with building a house. Though, always willing to work toward his goals the means to do so were not readily available. Equipped with the training he received at Many Hands, Ynocent found a part-time job but it was not sufficient. Through the Safe Homes Program, God provided a new home for Ynocent’s family. “I say glory to God and I ask God’s blessing on the people who helped me. Because God put it on their heart to help me.”

Ynocent’s new home

This new home gave Ynocent and his family the hand up they needed. Ynocent later purchased a land plot adjacent to his new home expanding his border.  Dividing the land, he has dedicated a portion to be used for the Lord’s work in the days to come.  Knowing how God provided for him, a firm desire fills Ynocent’s heart for this land and his new knowledge to be a resource to help the surrounding community. He understands that the help Ynocent continues to be hopeful for the future and ready to fulfill God’s will for his life.

                                                  Praying a blessing over Ynoncent’s new home 

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Support OTHERS in Haiti like ynocent