Written by Carol Dezwarte with The Way Church, Newton, Iowa

Our Sunday was restful, not so much with physical rest but with encouragements.

We see beauty. This coconut palm is outside our window.


We see innovation; these men are hauling water from the well to a home.


At worship many teenagers sang in the choir– and every Haitian can sing.


The needs can be overwhelming, but on this day we got to help a few folks with specific needs.


This elderly couple is largely cared for by their eight-year-old grandson.


A nearby orphanage has beautiful, well-cared for children,
and runs a feeding program for many at-home children.

The girls put on a choreographed program, and we happened to be there for a portion of it.
Again—everyone does sing.


The boys were lounging, the same as U.S. kids do, watching a movie.


On cooks day off, we enjoyed a restaurant meal of beans and rice, vegetables and chicken, and a drink—for two US dollars.
At mealtimes we process what’s been going on.


Here’s another way the cooks have gone above and beyond for us.
Beatrice uses a machete to prepare sugar cane for snacking!


When Steve knelt down to talk to these little boys,
they imitated him by sitting the same way.


The children are normally grinning (and often asking for “one dollar”)


Today was the birthday of Woody, the Many Hands staff who translated for us this afternoon. At the church where we dropped off food to a few families, a young man played trumpet while we sang Happy Birthday to Woody. Then the trumpet player went right into –The Star Spangled Banner.

Christi holds up a bag of rice so we can see its flag while we sing.
Also note the innovative décor in this church.


For you who embolden us, here is a final encouraging photo.

This little girl with Steve, had arrived at the orphanage as a preemie not expected to survive.
Her name Lavi means Life.