As we look forward to this year’s Business Breakfast with John O’Leary in Des Moines, Iowa, we wanted to share some positive news.

With all we’ve been through as a business community over the past 18 months, we want to be a blessing. We want to provide a world-class speaker, with a world-class message of overcoming despite all odds, at the best venue in town. And we want to make it possible for you to attend. 

To do this, we are going to offer tickets to the Business Breakfast at $25 for individuals and $250 for tables (virtual or in-person), compared to recent year’s prices of $175 for individuals and $1,500 per table. Why? Because during this time when everything is screaming at us to divide, let’s come together to reignite generosity for our communities. 

Go to our ticketing page and use the code “Bless” to access the $25 tickets or $250 tables as you check out for yourself or your business. Be sure to share this with anyone you know that you would like to bless in turn.

Use the code “Bless” to get your tickets at:

$25 for individuals

$250 for a table of 10

John O’Leary is a #1 National Best-Selling Author and Speaker. At nine years old, he was expected to die, given a less than 1% chance to live. Now, he teaches others how to truly live. 

In a recent 3…2…1 Impact Newsletter, I shared this thought:

“We all know people who bring life and who take life from a relationship. Long-term, impactful relationships come from people who bring life.”

Let us pour some life back into your story, your business, and our community. Please join us on Friday morning, October 29, as we challenge what is possible for our lives. 

Be blessed,