Cassidy Mejia and Heather Brown are in Pignon, Haiti, and walking with MH4H in exploring God’s leading of possibly moving to Haiti in mid-2013. With much prayer and humbled hearts, they continue to seek confirmation on this call.

Cassidy Mejia and Heather Brown in the MAF airplane leaving for Pignon.

Bonjour from Haiti! We’re finally here after spending many hours on planes and in airports. We met Silentor, as he flew back to Haiti with us, and enjoyed spending these many hours with him.  We said goodbye to him, Woody, and Volney, as they went up to Gonaives and we headed to Pignon with Tim. Neither of us really knew what to expect on this trip but we know that we are where God wants us. We both have a passion for the Haitian people and are excited for these next few days.

From Cassidy Mejia

Being here for me has so far been a really amazing experience. I have been looking forward to going to Haiti for a long time and to finally be here and meet some great people has been such a blessing. Yesterday we were in the streets of Pignon and enjoyed taking pictures of the young children that roamed the streets. They were excited to get their picture taken and then to see the finished product. We also had the chance to see the new house that Zeke and his parents are building.  We also saw Bebe’s (Zeke’s wife) family’s house and met her parents. Zeke drove us around and we saw a river in which the Haitian people bathed and washed their clothes. They were also washing their motorcycles. It was amazing to see that the river did so much for them. We’re blessed to have Beatrice as our cook for these few days as well.

Yesterday, for the first time I met Fransly and Woodson. Today they gave us a tour of the market. We walked throughout the streets of Pignon and saw all the hustle and bustle of activity: women trying to sell us different things and make a living, chickens in the arms of small children who were carrying them to be sold, people riding donkeys carrying loads on their backs, and so much more. I have really enjoyed learning different phrases in Creole and also using some of what Zeke already taught me when he visited the States. I got very good at saying: “pak on ya pita” which means: not now, later. Fransly is excited to teach me more Creole and I am very excited to learn. Learning Creole is a strong desire of mine because then more relationships can be made and can continue to grow. I have learned from being overseas before that the native people appreciate that foreigners desire to take the time to learn their language.  The smiles of the people, especially the young children, make me smile. Eating Beatrice’s cooking so far has been amazing. I enjoy the rice and beans and other dishes. The avocados taste so fresh!  I am beyond blessed to be here for this short time and I look forward to the days ahead.

From Heather Brown

Heather here – being back in Pignon again was such a comforting feeling. It was so good to see the Haitian smiles I have been missing, the smells, streets, mountains, and everything else about this beautiful country that I love. This is such an amazing place and I am so blessed to be able to come here again and love on these people. It was so good to see my friends in Pignon that I typically only get to see once a year. I have missed them so much and it is great to catch up on their lives. Going to market today was a different experience, because it was just us two American girls walking around with Fransly and Woodson and no one seemed to notice us. It was like we actually fit in with the Haitian culture and that felt good!  I look forward to the next few days of just hanging out and loving on the Haitian people and seeing where God’s amazing plan is going.


We have only started to get to know each other for a few days and we already feel like only God could construct a friendship this amazing. We look forward to growing together and seeing where God is leading us in the future.

Bondye Bon! (God is good!)