Check out this picture gallery from the Hope Spencer team as they prepare for the Color Blast Fun Run in Maliarette, Haiti. Click here to read the team’s previous post.


We started the day with devotions, joining the Many Hands staff in singing, scripture reading and encouragement. Then we split up to tackle several projects. Doug, Lon, Kent, Drake, Dave, and Scott worked on adding a new set of swings to the School of Light playground.

The rest of the team went to clear a patch of the garden, removing the old Conga bean plants, to make room for a new planting. The Conga beans will be used to feed the kids in school.
Later, some of the women painted shelves and tables for the new school.
After lunch, bottles were filled with paint powder for tomorrow’s Color Blast, and balloons were inflated for decoration. We loaded up the supplies and decorations and took them to the places where the race will start and finish.

Karmen and Lucia helped change the bandages for a young girl who recently had surgery to repair a broken leg that had been poorly set two years ago.

God gave us beautiful sunshine this morning, and a refreshing breeze this afternoon, which made the day very enjoyable! Pulling roots, blowing up balloons, painting and building, today we were living examples of Many Hands make light work! (But, according to Todd Brockshus, a shovel makes it even easier!)


  1. Dionysia Kopunovics

    BEAUTIFUL! what a blessing all around, participants and receivers.

  2. Dionysia Kopunovics

    BEAUTIFUL! what a blessing all around, participants and receivers 🙂

  3. Don

    Awesome guys n girls thanks for the update and pics looks like a great time n lots getting done !!! Great work God bless you all


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