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LCH – Better Together

“Have you ever bought a pair of shoes from Toms and wonder, do they actually donate a pair of shoes with every purchase? Well, we can confirm that they do! The kids were so excited to get their new pair of shoes. The Lord blesses us all in many different ways.”

LCH – Serving in Love

After learning more about each family, we prayed over each home. We encourage continual prayer for the persecution these families face for their devotion to our Savior.

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LCH – With All Our Heart

“From seeing the quality of life being transformed to the abundance of laughs and smiles, we were blessed today with an outpouring of His presence. Similarly it’s an amazing sight to see our group come together in His name. From mere strangers to now one family. “

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LCH – Moved to Tears

“The church had a tin roof, dirt floor, no walls, primitive furniture, and a homemade instrument, resembling an oversized kazoo. The worship and message was so powerful I was overwhelmed to tears most of the service.”

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LCH – Highlights

“I am happy to announce that our Lutheran Church of Hope team arrived safely in Port Au Prince this morning and then had an adventurous drive up into the mountains for a 4 hour drive dodging cars, potholes, goats and motorcycles (they are actually the best defensive drivers I have ever seen!!!)”

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Drowning in Culture

“Sure our skin is a different color. Yes we are fluent in different languages. I am still trying to adjust to not keeping a healthy bubble around my personal space. I prefer American food, I’m not sorry, I just do. I still think God gave chicken feet to walk on, not for soup. But we have so much in common.”

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Cumberland – Is Research Enough?

“I didn’t want to make assumptions…I wanted to see Haiti with a completely clean slate. In retrospect of the last couple months, I feel no amount of research on the poverty or landscape would have come close to preparing me for what I experienced today. ”

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Cumberland – Poverty is Real

“The kids here grow up so fast they are practically born as adults. If they can function they can work. They do not seem to mind. They do their jobs and they enjoy their lives. Today taught me that poverty is real.”

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Rubbing Shoulders with Heroes

You need to know them. You need to know what they are doing on a daily basis for the kingdom of God. You need to be encouraged that in a dark and hurting world there are people tirelessly, steadily, passionately spreading the gospel of Christ.

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