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The Boy in the Street Light

On that second-floor balcony, my gaze caught something below…On a heavily worn, dirt road…Sitting underneath the light, was a 10-year-old boy, reading and studying for school. “You are here for people like him…You are broken. He is broken.”

Jeff Thomas – The Wandering Path

“These are people who are way in the back. These are people who might feel lost. I think with us going as a group to [follow the path to] find them and pray over them, they then feel as though they’re found and as if somebody does care even though they’re way back there. So that’s what’s neat about accepting Jesus – knowing that no matter where you are and what the situation, He’s there to give you guidance.”

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Lactation Education – Moms and Midwives

“What is our goal here? What is our intent? These questions have been etched into our minds all weekend. Our trip is to learn and to educate. The final goal, is to train the mothers in Haiti. Train them that breastfeeding is the best option. We want to show them how and why this journey with their child is vital to both mom and baby. But that end goal has to begin with conversations.”

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Liz Clarke – The Right Place

“I soon realized what God wanted from me so I gave up and gave in to His will. And just like all things done with a clean heart in obedience, it was better than I could have ever imagined! Even if it may seem like a wrong turn, we can trust that if He is guiding us, His way is always better.”

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Lactation Education – Vision Casting

“What is a realistic expectation for Haitian mommas…How can we help them feed their babies? What are the challenges they face? To breastfeed their children is to provide nutrition in the midst of poverty, health in the midst of famine, and relationship in the midst of survival. “

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From Mobility to Eternity

I appreciated the passion and commitment of the P.E.T. team. When I told Pete, “We are in. Let’s do this and do it right,” I had no idea the floodgates God would open to use this program to not only give mobility, but also bring eternity for so many people.

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Part of the Body

In March 2012, God steered me towards Mark Hoffschneider, then Director of Missions at Lutheran Church of Hope. Little did I know how much this relationship would allow for God’s light to shine bright, bringing the everlasting love of Christ to many people.

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People of the Empty Tomb

All seemed lost on Tuesday, September 30, 2014…I knew the chaos I was walking into when I boarded the plane to Haiti. I also knew we were an empty tomb people, carrying the hope of Jesus Christ and no matter what happened, He was more powerful than anything we faced and His will would be done.

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Mark Meyering – Ambassador Log: Part 2

Nathan accidentally steps on one tomato and crushes it.. he turns in horror to Craig and looks like he just killed a child… “I stepped on her tomato!” Craig, the seasoned veteran responds, “Yep, there’s a lot of tomatoes here”.. the vendor is mildly annoyed but has seen this before and makes no protest. An accidental misstep is a forgivable offense, here and everywhere. But I feel for Nate, whose sole purpose here in Haiti is to increase production of the very thing he stepped on. We will redouble our efforts for the success of the hydroponic gardens.

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