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Friend to All

Many Hands for Haiti stands on the shoulders of Liz Clarke, who through her vulnerability, loves people and points them to Christ.

Pella Team – His Timing

“We were all in awe as we were able to see how truly incredible God’s timing is…Most of the mothers in the room where almost in tears “

Elince – 5050 Transformation Story

God has transformed Elince’s life, his family, and his marriage. Elince says God pulled him and his family from a bad road. “We’re not going back there. We can only go forward.”

Celebrate Church – Sabbath

“Once we cleaned up dinner, the local kids showed up ready to play soccer. We were able to bond with the other groups and spend some time playing games.”

Celebrate Church – Our Prayer

“My prayer is that God would use me to love and bless others this week, in whatever way He sees fit. I know it may push me to serve in ways I’m not used to, but I’m excited to grow for Him. “

Five Forks Baptist – Great is Thy Faithfulness

“Little did we know that throughout the day, we would be surrounded by the faithfulness, new mercies, and many provisions from God’s hands. Just as Jesus had compassion for us unto death, our challenge for the day was to show compassion to those we came in contact with.”

Mt. Olivet Church – Real Love

“Our love for Haiti is real. Our hearts are broken for those in need. And while we leave with sadness, we will forever keep our friends lifted up in prayer.”

Mt. Olivet Church – Questions

“To them, to work is to survive and to survive is to work. Although there is competition within the workplace, people want to see their fellow Haitians make it too. They always seem to be willing to help others out.”

Market Rewards – Let God Choose

“After talking with Pastor Francois…I found a linen dresser scarf with a man embroidered on it above the word “Haiti”. I thought it would be the perfect reminder of our time with Pastor Francois, and his advice to the young sisters on our team.”

Market Rewards – Economy Boost

“All three shops are empowering Haitian families, giving them the skills and resources to support themselves and their families. The stories behind the origins of each shop were inspiring, and we “boosted the economy” a bit by doing a little shopping!”

Market Rewards – Be Still

“At the end of the day, we always end with devotions…Even though we can hear God’s voice while we’re out serving for His glory, we still need to take a step back once in a while and just be still. “

Market Rewards – VBS Offering

“We see God’s beauty in this country, and we see His light shining in the Haitians’ eyes. We pray that the Haitians see His mercy and grace in our acts of kindness. And we pray that we come to understand what it really means to be His hands and feet, and know that we are all His children.”

Market Rewards – Your Hands

The result is tangible evidence of the combined efforts of financial and prayer support, blood, sweat and elbow grease from the short term teams, and the Hand of God orchestrating the whole process. The exciting part is that we all can be a part of it!

Levo International – Making Strides

“Our resolve to improve these systems and their effectiveness was strengthened for us when we were able to sit in on a MH4H all-staff meeting. We heard repeatedly how farmers are losing many crops, generally their only source of food and income, to inconsistent rain and water access.”

CCPC – Humbling Beauty

“The land that God created is so glorious no man can mimic it. The range of ecosystems was great from one end to the other. We started the morning in land more suitable for sugar cane and congo beans, but the land after breakfast was lush with bananas and greenery due to the river’s nutrients. Last night in our group study, we discussed how God provides for his people. “

CCPC – Learning Lessons from the Different

“Pignon, Haiti is a foreign land filled with people speaking a language unknown to us and living a life style most of us find unfathomable. Some things are sad and hard to witness, others are encouraging and joyful, but most things are just different…the ‘different’ has been an incredible reminder of the vast bounds of God’s love and glory.”

Steadfast Faithfulness

Riding in the back of the very large white Mitsubishi truck, my eyes are as wide as saucers…At the front of the truck are our leaders, Virgil and Dorothy Dykstra. Little did I know the impact this man and woman would have on me, the country of Haiti, and the state of Iowa.

CCPC – Gentle Reminder

“Despite the hardship and desperation, we have witnessed joy on the faces and in the actions of so many around us, which has been a gentle yet very humbling reminder that joy can be found as we take our focus off of our own situations and lives, and instead focus on providing comfort and encouragement to others.”

Education – Making a Difference

Education continues to make an impact on Haiti’s future. Through school participation, children receive food, medical checks, and knowledge which are the building blocks for success.