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Christi Gabhart – A Safe Place

As God inspires people to live generously, MH will continue to work in relationship with people, transforming together through the presence of Jesus Christ.

Darryl De Ruiter – Keep Looking Back

When discouraged or deflated, I challenge us all…to be encouraged by looking back and being reminded of all that God has already done for us.

Lindsay Overton – Encourage and Serve 

Lindsay Overton, Speech Pathologist and owner of Lindsay’s Chatterbox in Oskaloosa, IA came to Pignon, Haiti for a week of educating moms on the importance of language development and the joys of creating sensory experiences for their kids.

Celebrate Church – Our Prayer

“My prayer is that God would use me to love and bless others this week, in whatever way He sees fit. I know it may push me to serve in ways I’m not used to, but I’m excited to grow for Him. “

Five Forks Baptist – Great is Thy Faithfulness

“Little did we know that throughout the day, we would be surrounded by the faithfulness, new mercies, and many provisions from God’s hands. Just as Jesus had compassion for us unto death, our challenge for the day was to show compassion to those we came in contact with.”

Mt. Olivet Church – Real Love

“Our love for Haiti is real. Our hearts are broken for those in need. And while we leave with sadness, we will forever keep our friends lifted up in prayer.”

Mt. Olivet Church – Questions

“To them, to work is to survive and to survive is to work. Although there is competition within the workplace, people want to see their fellow Haitians make it too. They always seem to be willing to help others out.”

Market Rewards – Let God Choose

“After talking with Pastor Francois…I found a linen dresser scarf with a man embroidered on it above the word “Haiti”. I thought it would be the perfect reminder of our time with Pastor Francois, and his advice to the young sisters on our team.”

Market Rewards – Economy Boost

“All three shops are empowering Haitian families, giving them the skills and resources to support themselves and their families. The stories behind the origins of each shop were inspiring, and we “boosted the economy” a bit by doing a little shopping!”

Market Rewards – Be Still

“At the end of the day, we always end with devotions…Even though we can hear God’s voice while we’re out serving for His glory, we still need to take a step back once in a while and just be still. “

Market Rewards – VBS Offering

“We see God’s beauty in this country, and we see His light shining in the Haitians’ eyes. We pray that the Haitians see His mercy and grace in our acts of kindness. And we pray that we come to understand what it really means to be His hands and feet, and know that we are all His children.”

Market Rewards – Your Hands

The result is tangible evidence of the combined efforts of financial and prayer support, blood, sweat and elbow grease from the short term teams, and the Hand of God orchestrating the whole process. The exciting part is that we all can be a part of it!

Levo International – Making Strides

“Our resolve to improve these systems and their effectiveness was strengthened for us when we were able to sit in on a MH4H all-staff meeting. We heard repeatedly how farmers are losing many crops, generally their only source of food and income, to inconsistent rain and water access.”

CCPC – Humbling Beauty

“The land that God created is so glorious no man can mimic it. The range of ecosystems was great from one end to the other. We started the morning in land more suitable for sugar cane and congo beans, but the land after breakfast was lush with bananas and greenery due to the river’s nutrients. Last night in our group study, we discussed how God provides for his people. “

CCPC – Learning Lessons from the Different

“Pignon, Haiti is a foreign land filled with people speaking a language unknown to us and living a life style most of us find unfathomable. Some things are sad and hard to witness, others are encouraging and joyful, but most things are just different…the ‘different’ has been an incredible reminder of the vast bounds of God’s love and glory.”

Steadfast Faithfulness

Riding in the back of the very large white Mitsubishi truck, my eyes are as wide as saucers…At the front of the truck are our leaders, Virgil and Dorothy Dykstra. Little did I know the impact this man and woman would have on me, the country of Haiti, and the state of Iowa.

CCPC – Gentle Reminder

“Despite the hardship and desperation, we have witnessed joy on the faces and in the actions of so many around us, which has been a gentle yet very humbling reminder that joy can be found as we take our focus off of our own situations and lives, and instead focus on providing comfort and encouragement to others.”

Education – Making a Difference

Education continues to make an impact on Haiti’s future. Through school participation, children receive food, medical checks, and knowledge which are the building blocks for success.

First 1000 Days Program in Sylvain

Active learning through hands-on activities and reinforcement is a key to “making the Bible come alive”. In addition, all of the children in the program receive regular health check-ups from a Haitian healthcare worker, who monitors their progress.

Steps of Faith

In 2004, Third Reformed Church in Pella, IA, gave a reverse offering to everyone in attendance. Then, something incredible happened. God showed up, people caught the vision and joined us to make a dream possible.

Bob Vaughn – Views of a Farm Boy

Bob Vaughn is a very good friend with Many Hands for Haiti. He loves traveling there and partnering with our Safe Homes initiative. Bob is a retired pharmacist and farmer who blogs monthly about his views and travels. Here is his most recent installment about his trip with us to Haiti.

Paving the Way

A boy and his mother. A mother and her boy. The bond between the two is something special, something to behold, when wrapped in love. Bev Brand, my mother, has breathed life into me from the first moment she held me in her arms.

LCH – Experience Brings Change

In Creole, when you say good bye you say “Ale avek bondye“ meaning “Go with God.” We are not called to stay with God, we are called to go out into our local communities, our own countries, and abroad. It’s important that when we hear the call, we act.

LCH – Kairos

After finishing finals, a group of students from Ames, Iowa have come down to work with Many Hands for Haiti. This team is a part of Kairos, the college ministry at Lutheran Church of Hope Ames. Meet some of the team and see their highlights through these pictures.

A Mother’s Love

A boy and his mother. A mother and her boy. The bond between the two is something special, something to behold, when wrapped in love. Bev Brand, my mother, has breathed life into me from the first moment she held me in her arms.

Grand View University – Picture Gallery

Four nursing students from Grand View University are forming life-long friendships with each other. Katelyn Kime has been to Haiti five times previously. She has been exuberantly sharing every aspect of Haiti life that she loves with friends, Krystal, Maddie, and Kelsie. Walk with the girls through these pictures as they explore Haiti together.

Grand View University – Rain Showers

“We helped by assisting their nurse with health checks and passing medicine to the children. This was such a learning experience for us four to work beside their Haitian nurse. We were very impressed with how thorough and patient she was with the childrenʼs health checks.”

Grand View University – Driving Passion

“When we were leaving his young daughter saw us and ended up tripping while trying to catch up with us. Being four caring-hearted nursing students, we wanted to make sure she was okay, and felt cared for. She had two little scrapes on her knees. We cleaned up her cuts and put a bandaid on it. Something that we felt was so small, meant the world to her.”


In 1947, Oran and Arshallos Bell went to Haiti. They were pioneering missionaries in Pignon, who planted and held a God-given vision for the Lord’s work for many, many years.

The Boy in the Street Light

On that second-floor balcony, my gaze caught something below…On a heavily worn, dirt road…Sitting underneath the light, was a 10-year-old boy, reading and studying for school. “You are here for people like him…You are broken. He is broken.”

Jeff Thomas – The Wandering Path

“These are people who are way in the back. These are people who might feel lost. I think with us going as a group to [follow the path to] find them and pray over them, they then feel as though they’re found and as if somebody does care even though they’re way back there. So that’s what’s neat about accepting Jesus – knowing that no matter where you are and what the situation, He’s there to give you guidance.”

The Ripple Effect

Steve and Deb Ross laid the foundations for Iowans and Haitians to work together in the Pignon area, to bring hope to thousands of people. I don’t end up in Haiti without Steve and Deb Ross.

Lactation Education – Moms and Midwives

“What is our goal here? What is our intent? These questions have been etched into our minds all weekend. Our trip is to learn and to educate. The final goal, is to train the mothers in Haiti. Train them that breastfeeding is the best option. We want to show them how and why this journey with their child is vital to both mom and baby. But that end goal has to begin with conversations.”

Liz Clarke – The Right Place

“I soon realized what God wanted from me so I gave up and gave in to His will. And just like all things done with a clean heart in obedience, it was better than I could have ever imagined! Even if it may seem like a wrong turn, we can trust that if He is guiding us, His way is always better.”

Lactation Education – Vision Casting

“What is a realistic expectation for Haitian mommas…How can we help them feed their babies? What are the challenges they face? To breastfeed their children is to provide nutrition in the midst of poverty, health in the midst of famine, and relationship in the midst of survival. “

From Mobility to Eternity

I appreciated the passion and commitment of the P.E.T. team. When I told Pete, “We are in. Let’s do this and do it right,” I had no idea the floodgates God would open to use this program to not only give mobility, but also bring eternity for so many people.

Part of the Body

In March 2012, God steered me towards Mark Hoffschneider, then Director of Missions at Lutheran Church of Hope. Little did I know how much this relationship would allow for God’s light to shine bright, bringing the everlasting love of Christ to many people.

People of the Empty Tomb

All seemed lost on Tuesday, September 30, 2014…I knew the chaos I was walking into when I boarded the plane to Haiti. I also knew we were an empty tomb people, carrying the hope of Jesus Christ and no matter what happened, He was more powerful than anything we faced and His will would be done.