Bonswa and Jwi Noel (a day late)!

Today was another absolutely beautiful day in Haiti! I don’t think the view of the mountains from the balcony at the dorm could ever get old. I have been so awestruck by God’s creation this week. The scenery is gorgeous, the people are so friendly and interesting, and the culture is simple and carefree. This experience had been unbelievably inspiring and fulfilling. God has been working in so many ways here and I know He will continue through the rest of our time here and when we return to the U.S.

Today we started our day with a little bit of shopping. Some of the local ladies brought all of their little gifts and set up shop right outside the dorm. Clothes, towels, jewelry, paintings, decorative boxes, trinkets… It was slightly overwhelming, but the things they had on display were beautiful!

Next, we went a little ways down the road to help pour a cement floor in someone’s home. We arrived just in time to help with the actual pouring of cement. We made a little assembly line going from the pile of cement being mixed to the door in the back where it was being poured into. We got a little dirty, but that only made it more fun! Our break time turned into play time with all of the children hanging around the house. Once Hank brought out his camera, every child wanted their picture taken multiple times. I love the looks on their faces when they get to see their a picture on the screen of the camera! There are so many smiles that I will never be able to forget here. The children are so joyful and just want to play. We spent a lot of time just playing silly games, dancing, and laughing with those kids today. Those moments made my heart so happy!

The cement floor the team helped pour. The outside of the house that received a cement floor. So many beautiful children. Just can’t help taking more pictures. Our cement floor work didn’t include JUST the physical labor. Alecia and new friends.

This afternoon we spent a little time painting some chairs that Craig and Christi had bought for the dorm. It was good team bonding time just talking, singing worship music, and painting. Taylor even tried dying her hair teal with the paint…but no worries, it washed out!

A little hair highlights in Haiti. Michael re-connecting with friends made in 2007, Llamas, Mesadier, and Kado.

We then ran a few errands in Pignon before making dinner for our MH4H friends. We invited the guys that work for MH4H over to feed them some our favorite American foods! We made pizza, Mac n cheese, and popcorn. They enjoyed it and it was just a nice night of fellowship.

Homemade pizza with the staff Odenes and the team. Team pictures with all the MH4H staff.

Tomorrow we’re planning on getting up at 5:00 a.m. to hike the mountain! We’re all excited to watch the sunrise from the top. God’s glory is so beautiful!

So far we have learned that not everything goes the way we planned, but God has a reason for that. Some of the unplanned situations have turned into amazing moments. We are so blessed. Bondye Bon (God is good!)