The Central College team from Pella, IA, continue their work and adventures in Pignon. Today they deliver goats, visit a college and see more of day-to-day life in Haiti.

Day five of our ‘Haitian Vacation’ was a success! The team is basically fluent in Creole and as tan as the Haitians (just kidding, we know like three phrases and are either still white or burnt). God is continuing to show up and surpass our expectations in every encounter. I can see God working in the team here and feel His spirit among the Haitians we’ve encountered.

No words needed

Last semester at Central College we put on a fundraiser to raise money for goat distribution in Haiti. We brought three goats to campus and let students and faculty take selfies for 1$, #goatselfiecentral. We ended up raising enough money for eleven goats! Today it was an incredible to be able to distribute the goats we raised money for to different families in need. We crammed eleven goats and the whole team into the back of a truck and journeyed to distribute the goats to two different communities. 

Goats to deliver Ready to deliver goats…this is sign language for goat

Just imagine a truck full of ‘baaing’ goats head butting each other and pooping (One in particular named Cruella, would not stop head butting another who was laying down). Through this entire event we were able to interact with children and families, pray together, sing, and bless the community.

 Delivering goats in the community of Lapila

Delivering goats in the community of Lapila

Macy with some new friends in Lapila Goats in Bohoc Going to the family’s house with their new goat

After finishing goat distribution and enjoying a cool bottle of coke, we traveled to UCCCI, an impressive college and school here in Pignon and toured the campus. The campus is home to nearly 600 students and includes dormitories, several different programs of study, a volleyball net, and even a playground! It was a great reminder that God is not limited by earthly things. The poverty and lack of resources in Haiti are no match for His power and will! On the way back from the college we made a pit stop at the market and picked up some supplies for our makeshift hair salon. Tomorrow we will return to the same area and experience the chaos of Saturday market. Wish us luck!

Food to deliver to families to show God’s love for them

When we got back to the compound, Emma and Macy got their hair done by a native Haitian who helps with the Thrive for Five program. After a while of hair pulling and yanking, the girls looked tre belle (very beautiful) in their cornrows. Following dinner we ventured to a near by rope bridge. For some it was terrifying, others it was exhilarating. A few even decided that it was a good idea to sprint across the shaky bridge.

Beautiful view Suspension bridge in Sylvain Time to go home from the Suspension bridge

We are loving Haiti and all the adventures we’re having here! God continues to show up in everything we do here. How blessed I feel to get this incredible opportunity to bless and be blessed by the beautiful people of Haiti. The simplistic and communal atmosphere here has been refreshing and revitalizing for us. We are eager for the rest of the trip and the ways God is going to use us! Thank you for your prayers and support!

Goodnight and tune in next time for more updates on our Haitian Vacation!