“How can I help those in Haiti?” is a question we often get asked. “Sponsor a child” is one of the best answers.

By sponsoring a child, it ensures the child will go to school next year. Not only does this education the mind, but it also gives a meal once a day and puts the child on a better path than they were on before. Through our after school programs, we also bring life-enriching activities, such as soccer, arts and crafts, Bible verses, singing, and games. We want to create difference-makers in the culture and one of the best ways is to get to the children early and help shape their minds for a better tomorrow.

Join our child sponsorship programs today. You can do this for as little as one pizza a month ($10) or one family dinner a month ($30). That is less than $1 a day. That dollar could change a life forever. We look forward to helping you be that difference-maker for a child. Click on the picture below and find your child today!