The Oskaloosa Central Reformed Team have arrived in Haiti, and are getting a taste of life in Haiti. Ariann Blake shares the highlights of the day.

4:00 am, in the pitch black, our alarms clocks went off as the realization began to sink in that today we would be in Haiti!!! We had a quick breakfast at the hotel and loaded our bus to the Missionary Flights International hanger. We weighed ourselves (not individually), weighed our carry-ons, and weighed our luggage …. we only over packed by .5 pounds per person! As the sun rose, with the planes and the mountains in the background, we walked through the hanger and boarded.

Ready for our early morning MFI flight from Ft Pierce FL to Pignon Haiti

Nothing eases the jitters of riding in a 1944 DC3 plane quicker than your pilot praying with your group. It was an amazing experience and the best flight of the trip. God protected us and our luggage. Nothing was damaged or left behind. The flights were so smooth, even the little white baggies behind our chairs made it through the flight safely. The last hurdle before we landed on our grass airstrip was a fly by that felt like 20 feet off the ground, to scare away any animals. We circled back and landed safely in Haiti.

The pilot said a prayer before taking off MFI flight Co-Pilot

From the moment we stepped off the plane, we were greeted by Haitians and the MH4H staff with nothing but kindness.  

MFI plane landed on the grass airstrip in Pignon Haiti Many Hands Three Wheeler hauling team luggage – in Creole “Moto twa woul” Taking the team and luggage to the Many Hands guest house Getting the scoop on the house rules of the Many Hands Guest House

After a delicious lunch (even the picky eater ate) we took a stroll into Sylvain. We were joined by more and more and more kids, while we walked. Some skipped, some walked, and some serenaded us with “Hey Mickey” & “Zippity Do Da” By the time we were done, we had tripled our numbers.

An afternoon walk through the community where MH campus is located New Friends

As the afternoon thunderstorm rolled in, we were introduced to the entire MH4H staff. And as the afternoon thunderstorm continued, we enjoyed some bonding time before heading into Pignon. It was on the way into town, on roads that make rural Mahaska County roads look like gold, we had our first language lesson in Creole. Christy challenged us to learn words for spaghetti, rice, beans, oil and chicken bouillon. We used these new learned words to GO SHOPPING!

“And don’t forget to ask for a receipt” she said.

Meeting the Many Hands Haitian staff in the Equipping Center The rain stopped The road into Pignon with an afternoon rain Shopping at a local grocery store

It was great way for kids to interact with the community. The poverty here is shocking and the kids are in awe of the way of living. God is definitely breaking our hearts for what breaks His. We had a great first night of devotions and cannot wait to see what God brings Friday morning.

P.s. Our favorite phrase so far is “mwen konfond” …… “I’m confused”

Can't believe we are here

Can’t believe we are here!

Nitey Nite Tucked in for the night Help