by Cadena Trusty and Terri Fox, MH4H trip participants

What a beautiful day to praise the Lord!  The team awoke to milder temperatures and foggy skies.  Today we were able to join a local congregation for worship.  The ladies choir sang beautiful songs and even though we couldn’t understand the words, we could tell that they loved the Lord and sang to glorify Him.  They also had the teens share their joy of the Lord in song.   Pastor Tim had the opportunity to share the message, with translation, on Matthew 14:23-33 where Christ reminds us to have faith even in the storms of life.  It was great to experience worship in a different culture and witness God’s church in a different part of the world.

The ladies choir at worship

After lunch was the first goat delivery, we have been anticipating this exciting adventure since our arrival!!!!  I have been so excited about the opportunity to give a goat to a family, ever since we learned this was a possibility.  With the outstanding support from our church, we were able to purchase 41 goats to be distributed around the community.  During our time here, we will be blessing 20 families; next month a group of college students will bless 21 other families with the remaining goats. Donning my “Goat Whisperer” attire, we went to round up 2 goats… and then the rain started!  As our excitement grew, so did the size of the rain drops.  We put the 2 goats in the back of a truck and piled in. The first family lived up a slippery muddy hill, which just added to the adventure.  I really enjoyed the craziness of unloading a very confused goat and bringing the goat up to the family. Thank you Bill Carter for unloading the goats; not bad for a boy from Brooklyn.  A little rain could not dampen my excitement!  It was a joy to see the happiness on the couples faces when we gave them the goat.  It was raining very hard by then, so we shook their hands and said a prayer with the family. Naturally, as soon as we left the shelter of their porch the rain stopped.  We were drenched but very happy to have this opportunity.

Terri Fox the “Goat Whisperer”.

The team delivering a goat to the family.

Our second stop was for an elderly couple, the man isn’t able to walk.  Their bed is positioned at the front door so as you open it he can see out.  His wife came out on the porch and was very thankful for the goat.  “Meci, Meci, Meci” which means thank you, thank you, thank you.  We heard that over and over again.  As the rest of the team went straight back to the campus, Bill, Cadena and I enjoyed a leisurely walk on the slippery, muddy road.  God is good!

The young kids in the community came to the Many Hands for Haiti campus for an afternoon of games, singing, and to hear a message from Pastor Tim.  Afterwards we were able to serve another hearty meal to over 300 young children and teens.  What an awesome way to end the day.

Women serving the meal at the afternoon program. 

Children and teens enjoying the served meal.