Today we started the day early by going to the new Many Hands for Haiti land, working on the banana plants again. We continued what we started yesterday, but we got a lot more accomplished. The kids came back to help us with the banana plants, and brought their strong work ethic with them. It’s a good feeling to see the kids working hard for no pay, and enjoying every bit of it. Many of the kids there were naked or almost naked. The team brought clothes and shoes to hand out. The faces of the locals were extremely happy, and they were beyond thankful. They went around showing off there new dresses and shirts, forcing us to stop working just to see them.

At the start of the day, we all pray together. EVERYONE, Haitians and Americans. The work is hard, yet very rewarding. So much fun to work side-by-side with the community. A much needed break from the hard day. But, you are never alone. A new dress for this hard working girl! The children of the area are working really hard on the land with us. As a repayment, we earned some clothes and shoes today.

After working we got the opportunity to go to the market downtown. It was very crowded, and colorful sights and sounds were all around. We split into groups, so we could keep track of each other. It was quite uneventful, except for seeing the tasty goat heads they sold in the raw meat section.

I (Kate) got the experience to go to an orphanage for the deaf. The feeling I got seeing the kids interact in sign language was awesome. Even though it’s hard to communicate with them, they’ve changed me for the better. All the children made fun of me, because I was doing the signs wrong. Everyone at the orphanage has so little, and has lost so much, but there smiles are HUGE. I thank God for the opportunity to bless and be blessed by them.

The teacher of the children signing I love you.

One of the students signing I love you.

At the deaf school, signing with the students. Spinning and playing with the children at the Deaf School. The whole gang at the deaf school.

Although, unable to go to the deaf school, I (Derek), instead took a short nap to recover from the hard work in the morning; then went to play “scheduled” somewhat pick-up football (soccer for you Americans) game with the kids. While the teams kept switching without our knowledge it was still fun and enjoyable to build relationships playing a sport that we love no matter where in the world we are from. It was amazing to see their love for the game and their love for each other as a community so precisely seen.

The soccer game with the neighborhood kids. The freezer was defrosted, which gave the team a chance to throw snowballs off the balcony dorm.

Thank you for your prayers and support for us these past few days. We have seen God and His work in so many different ways than we can back home. We have been profoundly blessed by the Haitians, and by our God who has brought us together for this short time. The love we have experienced can be used in the future to show God’s love throughout every square inch of creation.