Cassidy Mejia and Heather Brown are in Pignon, Haiti, and walking with MH4H in exploring God’s leading of possibly moving to Haiti in mid-2013. With much prayer and humbled hearts, they continue to seek confirmation on this call.

Bonswa from Haiti! We have been so busy doing so many different things these past few days. Saturday, we ventured out to Savanette and saw the land where the mission house is going to be built. As of right now, it currently is cock fighting ring, as well as a witch doctors house is a stone’s throw away. No worries though – God calls His followers to be Light in the darkness, so we are game!

Tim leading the “Soldier Boy” dance with the kids at Pella Christian School.

We also got to see the Pella Christian School, where we would be working. Dancing with some of the kids at the school was a highlight; as well as seeing Tim show off his dance moves. The kids were really happy to see us and they looked like they were in good health.

Sunday, we went to Zeke’s church. It was really good to hear the passion the Haitians have for the Lord when they sing. After church, we visited Fransly and Woodson’s houses. They are our friends and have been our interpreters, so it was really good to meet their families.

Fransley doing his modeling poses in front of the Pignon “Hollywood” sign on the mountain.

We also saw the “Hollywood” Pignon sign on the side of the mountain. Fransly drug us up there to get a first hand look. And no one even fell! It was a really good time and we got some great pictures of the land. Later that day, we went to an orphanage run by Bill and Jennifer Campbell (from Kansas City).  It was good to see all of the little kids and the good work Bill and Jennifer are doing there for the Lord.

This truck got stuck crossing the river. Not the mighty, mighty Toyota Helux though! Good driving, Zeke!

Today, we took a very long, bumpy, through the river, over the mountain truck ride with our first stop being Dondon (and then onto Cap Haitian) to visit with a coffee cooperative. The coffee cooperative was great, as we learned a lot about how coffee is processed. Quite the deal to get our cup-of-Joe!

We then traveled onto Cap Haitian to see an orphanage run by Rob and Erin Vande Lune. We heard a lot about the different projects that they’re doing and what they desire to do in the future. It was nice to talk to some Americans who have recently moved down here to get an idea of what life might be like after moving to Haiti. On the way back to Pignon, we had a nice little praise and worship session in the car, as we listened to songs together and rocked out to God. We also stopped for a coke and Toro (Haitian Redbull), and got to see firsthand when Tim’s gets wings.

Tonight we’re in for the night and are planning on watching a movie with Fransly and Woodson. Tomorrow we’re off to Port-Au-Prince for meetings and to see more of Haiti.

Please continue to pray for us as we travel home in a few days, also for God’s clarity for our future in Haiti. Thanks to everyone who has kept up with the blog and all who have been praying for us as we have been away.




Heather and Cassidy