Written by Hank Puckett, member of the MH4H Christmas team

Like most things here in Haiti, we took today one thing at a time.

Part one:

He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the garbage pile. He seats them with noblemen and gives them a throne of honor. For the foundations of the earth are the lord’s; he has set the world on them (1 Samuel 2:8).

We began our day discussing this verse with the Many Hands staff in the Pignon office. We were praying for, and prepping ourselves for the oncoming hectic hours of the Savanette Christmas celebration. Leaving the office, we headed to the school to celebrate Christmas with 200 beautiful Haitian children and their families. God definitely showed up because the process went very smooth and minimal obstacles were encountered. Our group was reminded of the joy that Jesus found in serving His people. We danced, laughed, and shouted some AMENs with our brothers and sisters, while being able to leave them with a gift of a solar powered light and the Haitian monetary equivalent of about $10 US dollars. Everyone involved left the event with a smile on their face and joy in their heart.

Ann talking with one of her Haitian sisters. The d.Light gift all Thrive and Thrive graduate families received. During the meeting, Tim Brand, Executive Leader of MH4H, called and gave a speech to the audience via phone. Ebens translated. A Thrive family and their gift. Burns and Hank, checking the list of names to give out the Christmas gift.

Part 2:

Faith is a lot like a seed; It must first be surrounded with loving people or nutrient soil. From there, the seed and the newly planted faith must be nourished and nurtured, feeding it with water and sun or the word of God and encouragement. Once the seedling starts to sprout and stand on its own ability, it can be placed in a new environment that may be slightly more hostile, but because of the roots of the plant, it is able to survive and produce fruit.

This lesson was learned by getting ourselves dirty and planting a garden at the house of a local, struggling family. Working with the MH4H agronomist, Claudin, our team of servants aided in planting of a nursery that will one day yield abundant fruit. We will not be here to see that fruit and partake in it, but we leave that up to God and the family. Not only that, but another need in Haiti has been met and another faith seed has been planted. Again, we are learning the lesson that God delegates responsibility.  Just because we don’t get to see the harvest doesn’t mean that fruit isn’t being produced. As you go through your day and life, be reminded that God has servants to plant, servants to nurture, and servants to harvest. All we can do is plant as many seeds as we can, love as much as possible, and turn disciples into disciple-makers.

The team of workers arriving on the job site. Sowing seeds in the nursery bed. Many DIRTY hands! The group finishing up the nursery bed for the family garden. Claudin working the soil.
Odenis and Hank getting after it!

Odenis and Hank getting after it!