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On July 14, 2019, I got to have some great experiences. I woke up at 7:30am and went to the Guesthouse. There we packed food in pillowcases to distribute to people who need it. Next we got ready for church. When we got there, we sung songs in Creole. Then I got to play 10,000 Reasons on the keyboard as part of the church service. When I walked up to the front I felt pretty nervous to play in front of a crowd but once I started, I realized it wasn’t that bad. With my family behind me singing along, it was really fun =). The rest of the service was in Creole so I couldn’t understand it, but the Haitians were really into everything. It was neat to see how the Haitians worship similarly to our church back home with raised hands and joyful singing.

Then we got in a really bumpy truck and went to distribute the food we had packed before church. When we got to the first house, the family we gave the food to had a very hard life. The man was blind, the woman didn’t believe in Jesus, and their house was falling apart. We gave them the food and prayed for them. Then we went to the second house; they also had a hard life. The man was blind, and the woman couldn’t see very well. We prayed that God could bless them and their house. Then we went to the third house. The woman living there had an injured foot and was living alone because her husband died and she couldn’t pay for her son’s education. The fourth house we went to, the lady’s husband died and she lived with her daughter, who had nine children. At the last house we visited, the lady had high blood pressure, was super tiny, thought that her children have abandoned her, and was 86. Visiting these people made me feel really grateful for all that I have, including a family that helps me. It makes me happy that I was able to help these people by bringing them food and praying for them because I feel like there are a lot of people who help me in my life.
Yesterday I burned my leg on a motorcycle when going to visit a little girl. It was my second time on a motorcycle and I didn’t know which side to get off of. Morgan has been helping me take care of it, and it doesn’t hurt too bad today.

Being in Haiti has made me grateful for the things I have. The people here are a lot like us, but their every day experiences are really different. I am enjoying getting to experience some of those things.Today was an amazing day.


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