Mè Bel Mè is located three miles southwest of the main Sylvain campus and is a geographically isolated zone. Kethlin Vilbon, the First 1,000 Days Program Manager, worked in the community throughout 2022. Alongside our Chaplains, he had been assessing the community and its needs. Poor road conditions make life difficult for residents, with little access to clinics, markets, and resources.

Pictured above: Many Hands U.S. staff walking down a rough road in Mè Bel Mè

“Mè Bel Mè is a poor area. We have many, many people living there. They are very strong. They want to work. They want people around them; they love people. But the situation in their lives is very bad,” shared Vilbon. “So they need hope. They need someone to tell them more about Jesus and even their life. So Mè Bel Mè, like all zones, is waiting for someone representing Jesus to come there.”

Pictured above: Kethlin Vilbon, First 1,000 days manager, prays with a woman from the community

Many Hands purchased land within the community. We installed a deepwater well and built a meeting gazebo to solidify our commitment to the zone. In June of 2023, we constructed a Love-in-Action Center there, allowing us to offer the First 1,000 Days program to mothers and children. The program will provide families with consistent meals, education opportunities, and health check-ups.

Pictured above: The newly constructed Love-in-Action center in Mè Bel Mè

“As we were able to assess that zone, we could see how difficult it is for the parents to take care of the children. There are many kids,” explained Ronel Joseph, Lead Chaplain. “We can see with our own eyes how difficult it is for people to live where kids are malnourished. And moms, especially pregnant moms, have difficulty even having a meal per day. We could save many lives as we are doing in other zones.”

Pictured above: Pastor Jean Ronel and Many Hands leaders delivering food to families in Mè Bel Mè

Many Hands hopes to provide life-transforming programs to 90 families in the first year. Once fully resourced, the center can support 150 families each year. The goal is to start programming for the First 1,000 Days in September and to build trusting relationships while listening to the community’s needs. After spending time in Mè Bel Mè, Joseph knows that Many Hands can work with the community to create transformation.

Pictured above: Children sharing a meal at a Love-in-Action center in Haiti

“We have some leaders over there that are really welcoming. They want Many Hands to come in,” shared Joseph. “Seeing what Many Hands is doing in Sylvain, Maliarette, and Jean Boule, [this] would make a big impact in the lives of those kids in Mè Bel Mè.


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