Fresno Bible Church Team was up before the sun rose and spent the day touring the Citadel! The team found God’s creation to be truly amazing. 

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Today, we went to the Citadel in Milot, Haiti. It was so much fun to see the eighth wonder of the world and the castle that King Henri Christophe lived and died in. My favorite part of the story was that he killed himself because that is kind of crazy. Also, the Citadel had a great view.

View from the top!

We journeyed three-hours in the back of a truck. When we first ventured out, the stars and moon still hung in the sky. However none of us slept, as there were a lot of potholes to keep us awake. The great part was going through a river because no one would ever do that back in Ohio.

En route to the Citadel! The barracks: ready for fire! It’s a cannon Visiting the ruins The castle!

At the castle, we saw all the ruins. In fact, we got to see the barracks and most of the rooms! Then we rode horses up to the Citadel; it was my first time riding a horse. Vendors trying to sell stuff crowded us when we arrived, and the police had to push them back on our way out. I felt like a celebrity!

Riding horses to the Citadel! Howdy Ready to ride! Happy trails

Today was a really good day because we got to see the stars on the way to the Citadel, and we heard about all of Haiti’s cool history.

Better together – never walk alone

Sincerely, Marcus Leindecker