Written by Abigail and Breanna, from the Christ Family Church team

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2015-06-22 CFC Monday

This morning we woke up to the cheerful chimes of the breakfast bell! We ate and were off! We drove to Bohoc to buy five goats from the market. We named these pregnant goats: Moody Judy, Anna Banana, Abigoat, (Jack and) Jill, and last but certainly not least Mary (Kyle named her after his mom). We packed these plump poop-makers into the back of the truck! It was a tight squeeze with the five baaing goats, nine people, four bags of rice, one bag of beans, and a bunch of other food; but somehow everything fit with no goats jumping overboard! (Except for one, but that was later and we were stopped so no worries.)  There were only a few (maybe more) incidents where poop went a flyin’ or people got peed on. Greg and Kyle both even got a horn in some not so nice places.

The Goat Whisperer is BACK! Terri and her amazing abilities with goats...

The Goat Whisperer is BACK! Terri and her amazing abilities with goats…

We may or may not have made a little bit of a scene at the market. But, it was worth it! Abigail and Andrea sharing the load, Haitian style. Abigail and Abigoat!

Our next stop was a school, but since it is summer, school was not in session. We did our usual bubble blowing, finger nail painting, and soccer playing for the kids who were gathered for VBS. One super cute little girl fell asleep in Andrea’s lap! We built up the hype for lunch by singing song in both Creole and English! Once all the kids were absolutely exhausted, we ate and served a meal of beans, rice, and a chicken leg! (super duper yummy) We then passed out baggies with beads, string, and candy in them. We helped the kids string the beads to spell out their names! The string was a little tricky to tie knots in, but somehow we all managed and the kids were happy!

There is always a river to go through and this is Jack and Ebens crrossing! Jack learning to ride. You can hardly tell which one is the Haitian. The view from inside the truck as it goes through the river. The food is all prepared and ready to share with the kids. The kids sit and wait patiently until all the plates are out and served. More shots of the food for the kids. Jack was trying to play soccer in this picture. The Haitians were winning.

No breaks for us today! Next we delivered goats and foods to seven different families! We prayed with the families and thanked Jesus for blessing us with the goats and food! It was hard to say goodbye to our newly made friends until we remembered how just a few minutes before they were pooping and peeing all over us. :/ The families were all very grateful and it showed through their many “mèsi”s. (“thank you”s).

This is a family we visited. There home is in bad need of a roof. We met this family, delivered food, and had time of prayer with them. This is another home were we shared food and prayed with the family. It is in bad shape and this family has exceptional needs.

Back at the dorm, we spent the rest of the night in fellowship by playing cards, having a dance party, and having devotions. A local girl came by and braided Andrea’s and my (Abigail’s) hair. (Everyone else used lame excuses like “my hair is too short” or “I’m bald”). Now we are off to bed because we are getting up at 5 AM tomorrow. Tune in next time to hear our complaining!

-Abigail and Breanna