Written by Regan Nelson and Jill Anderson of the De Ruiter team, currently serving in Pignon, Haiti. 

After a long day of traveling on Thursday, we were greeted at the dorm by a monsoon like storm. This storm left the roads looking more like wading pools. This didn’t stop us though, from making an evening walk down the road to the home of Elinise. She is a three year old little girl who is very small and has severe and profound disabilities, both mentally and physically. God knew her needs and brought us to her house where Shelly was able to use her Physical Therapist expertise. Today, multiple visits were made to her house to continue physical therapy with her and we hope to meet with a local Physical Therapist for her on Monday.

Today, we also went to PellaChristianSchool in Savanette. After a bumpy truck ride filled with craters and pools in the roads, we arrived to a courtyard full of kids. We got out the parachute, blew many bubbles, painted hundreds of nails (with multiple layers). The boys also got a chance to play a “Blancs” vs. Haitians soccer match. Once the kids had lunch, they started heading home. Meanwhile, the DeRuiter family got to visit their sponsor child, Guerrison, at his home. We traveled back to our dorm and had lunch, prepared by our wonderful cooks.

After lunch, we went to help at the new MH4H land in Sylvin. When we arrived, there were lots of local people helping to dig holes for 1,200 banana trees. We helped fill holes with organic matter to help fertilize the trees that they hope to plant next week. We had the assistance of many local adults and children. Their work ethic amazed many of us, as they enthusiastically helped us with loading, carrying and dumping wheelbarrow loads of organic matter. They never once complained and were even running back and forth many times without any shoes.

After finishing our work for the day, we headed back to the dorm and had dinner. We talked as a group about our highs and lows of the day. My high (Regan) was seeing how much progress was made at the new land, even though we were only there for a few hours. We were all working together, having fun, and interacting with local children who made the experience so much more productive and rewarding. My high (Jill) was seeing a little girl I had met when I was here in January and getting to work with her at the new MH4H land.  She was directing me to which holes we still needed to fill and telling me when we could move on to the next hole.  I was able to show her pictures of us together when I was here previously and she called me “her blanc” as we were leaving. The difficult part of seeing all the kids at the land was that most of them didn’t have shoes and a few didn’t have any clothes on.  We plan to go back tomorrow and bring with us some clothes and shoes for them.

After sharing our experiences, we headed out to go explore a suspension bridge. Our expert driver, Jean Renè, made it through treacherous roads only getting close to being stuck once. We are ending the night with some games, journaling and cold showers that felt oh so good after a hot day in Haiti.

Things are going very well for us and our team. Please continue praying as we continue to bless others and be blessed in return! Bon nwit!

A little play at the end of a busy work day. The muddy shoes that were washed after the rainy walk on Thursday night. The suspension bridge in Sylvain, a favorite for many teams. The first physical therapy session with Elinise, done by flash light at night. Monkeys in a wheel borrow!
Morgan, hard at work with her friends on the land.

Morgan, hard at work with her friends on the land.

Jake and his helping, digging the holes and filling with organic matter. Many new friends were made today! Shelly painting nails at the Pella Christian school. Physical Therapy with Elinise Playing and working in Haiti! Preparing the ground for planting 1200 banana trees. Regan painting endless fingernails at the Pella Christian school. Working on the MH4H land