by Marge Zondervan, MH4H trip participant

Bonswa (good evening)! We had another full and fulfilling day in Savanette and the surrounding area.

The guys began the morning by flexing their muscles on another cement floor project, this time just a few blocks from the complex here. They completed one large room with about 6 inches of concrete, one bucket at a time. This floor contained more concrete than the entire house pour from yesterday. Everything is done by hand, including the women making multiple trips to fetch water, 5 gallons at a time carried on their heads. They finished the project about noon, just as Jana, Carol and Darla were wrapping up with another morning with Thrive for Five.

Darla Van Kooten’s motherly nature put to good use at Thrive for 5. 

Again, Thrive for Five was another full house filled with happy mothers and children. This program is such a blessing to mothers and children five and under, not only providing physical nourishment but also spiritual nurishment under the faithful leadership of Woody, Cassidy, and Heather. It is a very worthwhile program to support.

I left for Pignon to spend the morning at the local hospital and clinic. This time I was much more prepared to work in a medical setting with limited resources. I had the privilege of working with a four year nursing student from Port au Prince, and she could speak English! We cared for a patient who had second degree burns over 30 percent of his body. It was amazing to see God’s healing hand. We also went around doing the ministry of “presence” to other patients. We would determine their diagnosis and then pray for them which was very encouraging for them in spite of the language barrier. I also got to see newborn twins who had just been brought down to their room waiting for their mom to arrive after waking from her C-section. This hospital has no nursery facilities for newborn babies so they are taken directly to the room where there are usually three or four other patients. The babies were precious.

Marge Zondervan at the hospitalMarge Zondervan with some of the ladies at the hospital. 

I also had the privilege of touring the new outpatient clinic. The clinic provided a small emergency room, an obstetric room for expectant mothers, an internal medicine, an orthopedic, and a pediatric room. It also had their medical records room, a pharmacy, and an administration office. I think it would give Keith Roozeboom great comfort to know that his measurements for the doors for the facility were accurate. The doors fit perfectly! The only downside, Keith, is that the pharmacist said they needed more shelves so you should plan on another trip to Pignon. Thanks Keith for a great job.

At 1:00 p.m., the rest of the team picked me up from the hospital, and we traveled to the Deaf Children’s orphanage and school. We stopped in Pignon and picked up 100 kg. of rice and two gallons of oil to deliver to the orphanage. They were eager to see us with no shyness at all compared to our first visit in February 2013. Many hugs and smiles were given. We went to their school and play area and spent time playing with them. The noticeable difference was the lack of the normal playground noise, but their faces communicated the fun they were having.

Next, we traveled to two homes that had earlier received PET’s where Pete was able to inspect them and make minor adjustments as able. He obviously enjoyed the visits and has a passion for this ministry.

On our way back to Pignon, we stopped in to see John-Robert’s school that he has started for very poor children who have no chance for education. He currently has 90 students enrolled in this small, open air school room with chairs and a few writing boards. He also showed us the progress being made on his new home on the same piece of ground where he hopes to live some day with his future wife. Check with Carol Verhey how to quickly determine whether an animal is a cow or a bull.

Our last stop was again to the Pignon hospital where we visited patients, taking time to sing and pray with them. It was gratifying to see that some of our prayers from our earlier visit were already answered.

Finally back to base where we enjoyed another great meal, good conversation, and began mentally preparing for the climb up Mt. Pignon tomorrow morning. We are listening to Carol, Jana, and Darla laughing as they are trying to get their headlamps ready for the pre-dawn climb.

Again, thank you for all your prayers which have encouraged us for each day’s activities.

Bonsye si non (God is good all the time!)

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