Written By Pastor Steve of The Way Church in Newton, Iowa

This morning, our group went in many different directions.
Dan, Doug, and Eric went to finish construction on the roof of a house MH4H is building.

 Woody took Dan to see a child his brother is sponsoring at Meredith School.

Angie, Stephanie, Nikki, and Carol went to hand out school supplies to children at a local school.

[INSERT by Christi: The school supplies were supplied by “The Way” team along with items a previous team had brought.  110 bags were assembled plus 8 bags for the teachers.  Upon arrival at the school we learned there were 121 students present that day.  We began to consider our options so that each student would get a bag.  Maybe God would multiply the bags so that each student would walk home with some valuable supplies.  There were 10 children present at school that live together in an orphanage so it was determined that we could take bags to their orphanage home later in the afternoon.  The team went about sharing the bags of school supplies, and suckers, class by class while the 10 kids from the orphanage sat together outside, graciously waiting for the afternoon gift.  There in the suitcase, after each student in the classrooms had a bag, were… (yep, you guessed it…)  were 10 bags!!  Each team member looked around at the other with amazement and a big smile.  We love how God works with mystery! Amazing mystery!  Praise the Lord!]

Glen and I (Pastor Steve) went to Day 2 of the pastor’s conference. When the team came back together at lunch, we all shared some amazing experiences of how we saw the Lord moving. Glen and I were so blessed at the conference. At the end of the conference, the pastors spent 5 or 10 minutes thanking us for coming to share God’s word. Then, they asked Glen and I to stand in the front of the church. They all formed a circle around us and began singing “How Great Thou Art” in Creole. It was the most beautiful rendition I have ever heard.  It sounded like a choir of angels!  I have not been that moved by the Holy Spirit in a long time. The presence of God overwhelmed both Glen and I. The pastors sang all 4 verses.  I am glad they did – I did not want it to end.  Then the pastors recited the Apostle’s Creed in unison, prayed for us, and blessed us with a benediction. It was beautiful! They wanted to express to us that they appreciated our coming to Haiti and wanted us to thank our church and let our members know that they will be praying for them.

Seeing God 4After lunch, Dan, Doug and Eric went back to the house to continue working on the roof with Nabus Joseph.

The house is coming along, as the team as been working with the Haitian carpenters all week.

 The cooks, Beatrice and Evenie, making another ‘meals on wheels’ delivery to the ‘sick lady’.  She is improving by the day thanks to God.  See below for the recipe!

The rest of us went out together to various visits.  The highlight of the afternoon was getting to see Glen and Carol visit the little 4 year old girl they sponsor. They gave her some gifts which included a new doll and it was so cute to see her holding it. I’m sure that doll will be getting lots of love.

I think we are all very tired tonight. We only have one more day left then we will be heading home. We were talking tonight about regretting going back to the busyness of home. We know it is necessary, but we have all loved the “simplicity” of Haiti. I think that in some ways, all of our perspectives have been changed forever.


Soup pou Malad

Viann Kabwit (Goat meat)                           Fèy liann ponye

*Bannan Miskaj (Big Plantain)                     Fèy etina

*Bannan Poban  (Fat Plantain)                      *Fèy chou (in the center)

*Bannan Zedinèt  (Small Plantain)                Fèy lòzòy

Malanga                                                        Fèy seleri

*Mazanbèl                                                      Fèykieson

Yanm                                                            *Donbòy Farina (in the bowl)

*Kawòt  (Carrot)

*Pòmedetè  (Potato)