By Sara Anderson, Woody Cadet & Heidi Schulte

Savanette Update
Tuition for the 130 students in 180 for Haiti

Monday was a great day because we accomplished the registration of 130 children with our Savanette partner schools. With this registration, Thrive for 5, in Savanette, has reached completion and all of our sponsored children will be in school starting in September.

Thrive Graduation in Savanette

Wednesday was our graduation with the last 31 Thrive children. During the ceremony, two women from the area led worship, including kids’ songs and a song of blessing for MH4H. After this, we introduced ourselves and one of our interns, Alecia, played guitar while the rest of us sang two English worship songs translated into Creole.

Leading Worship Families in Worship

Pastor Mele passed on some encouragement to the families, reminding them that as parents, they are the first teachers and caregivers in their children’s lives. We set up stations around the outside of the church, so we could obtain updates from each child. Pictures were captured and certificates and backpacks were given as a gift in preparation for school.

Certificate handout ceremony Taking photos with certificates


Each graduate received a certificate and backpack

Christi and Alecia taking graduation photos

We were also able to obtain new measurements for their heights and weights! This required all hands on deck and we experienced some sweet teamwork in the midst!

Heidi assisting height and weight process Cassie helping with height stats

Towards the end of the program, one mother and one father stood up to share testimony of how God has used Many Hands for Haiti to bless their children and families. This graduation was truly a celebration for all of us, of God’s faithfulness in continuing to walk with these families! What a gift to get to be part of it!

Father Thanking MH4H

Sylvain Update
The story of Jonah – following God’s lead – Tuesday Thrive

Tuesday’s Sylvain Thrive program was a fun one! Austin offered his artistic skills to illustrate the story, while Katelyn shared the tale of Jonah, and Heidi translated.

Katelyn and Austin sharing the story of Jonah

Sara and Cassie introduced the game “follow the leader” and we tied the activity to the importance of obedience in following God’s plan. Cassie (a preschool teacher herself) really got the kids and adults dancing and laughing!

Follow the leader

Afterwards we invited the parents who were willing to share something God has done for them in this last year. They were given a piece of a paper and asked to write or draw something specific they have seen God work in their lives. Here are some examples of what was shared!

Thrive families writing testimonies What God has done..

“I want to appreciate what God has done for us through this program… through courage, love and tenderness…Thank you for the ways this mission has brought change to Sylvain. I am so happy to see the collaboration of the Lord.”
-a Thrive grandma

“Thanks God for everything you do in my life!”
-an older sibling/child who came to help at Thrive

“God has done many things for me. Jesus brought a beautiful program to Sylvain. I get to participate in it and we benefit from what God’s heart has done for us. My son will go to school and this depends on God, not me. I know God loves me and my family and that He has blessed us with health…Thanks to God for everything!”
-a single mom in Thrive whose son will be going to preschool this fall

Thank you to Sponsors

All of us want to thank the donors for supporting all that has been done over the last 18 months. It is a beautiful thing to see these families KNOW they are not alone, that God is providing for them and they have many people who love and are praying for their children too. We continue to ask God to keep blessing you for the ways you have blessed children in Haiti.

Final photo of our education team

This will be a transition time for our education team. Sara Anderson is wrapping up her last trip to Haiti as an education staff member. Sara will be shifting from the education team to focus locally, where she will be serving at the new Many Hands Thrift Market in Grimes, IA. She leaves the education team with excitement, for what God is working in Haiti, and in Des Moines. We look forward to sharing the amazing developments to come!