This is written by Shannon Fynaardt, a member Pella Christian Winterim trip to Pignon, Haiti. 10 students, 5 teachers, 1 principal and Lucia Van Maanen are on this trip. This is Shannon’s first time to Haiti and serving with MH4H.

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We started out the day going to Zeke’s church and worshiping with fellow Christians. When we walked in it was very loud and we then realized a band was playing. Once again we were able to connect to the Haitian people through music. Darryl got up on front of the church and spoke about what we were doing and how beautiful the people of Haiti are and also how it is great to worship the same God together. While walking back it took me by surprise to see all the children and parents in their Sunday best holding Bibles going to church. After getting home we thought we would have a day of relaxation. Many of us played in the street with the children showing them “ring around the rosey” and other fun games. We were able to take a walk around town and see some of Tim and Lucia’s sponsor kids. We also saw were the boys who interpret houses and the house that is being built for Zeke’s mom. When we were back we heard a woman crying and tearing off her clothing. We found out that her father had passed away. It lasted for 2 plus hours.

We then went on to the orphanage where you could just feel the love there. They children were very happy to see us and quickly grabbed our hands. I was drawn to one little boy who appeared to be blind. We found out he had a brother and they went to get him. These boys had not been at the orphanage long and were there because they had 9 siblings and their siblings would beat them. They boys’ smiles beamed every time we mentioned Christ and their faith was amazing. The younger boy (11) Cozo could not walk. He also appeared to be a lot younger. His laugh was very beautiful. The boys even sang for us. Also the girls our age were amazing. We do not see girls our age very often and they shared the same likes as us. They set their clothes out for school and showed us body sprays and things the were given for Christmas. Many of us did not want to leave but we headed back. We went to sing in the hospital which was a very overwhelming time. We prayed with patients and many were thankful and others saw the gifts we gave and started to beg. Once we left and started to get ready for bed we heard the same crying as earlier. The body of the man was being taken out of the hospital and loaded into a truck. The daughter could hardly stand she was crying so hard.

      It is hard to even put into words what all happened today because so much happened mentally, physically, and spiritually. Many of us grew in a new way and I can say I love Haiti. I love the people and how they have such bright smiles can only bring a smile to your own face. One of the most amazing things to see it the children singing. They sings and dance like no one is watching all the time. It is wonderful. Things are very different here than from the United States in a lot of what they do and how they live life. Life is beautiful and we saw that as we were able to worship together,  Lucia and Darryl were able to pray for a pregnant mother, and in the death of a loved one of a Haitian. Everyone is enjoying each other and the wonderful country of Haiti!!