Serve the Lord with Gladness…July is an important month for the PMJ program. Throughout the year mothers have the opportunity to receive points by participating in once-a-week classes, having baby check-ups, volunteering weekly in clean-up, and by daily attendance. Each of these activities garners points that the mamas can use at the Ti Mache pou Mamas (The Little Mama Store). Each center devotes a day in July for the store to be up and running. The mamas come in groups of 12 to select the items they want or need. Their points are tallied to know how much they can spend! It’s one of the highlights of the year. Here is a picture of the faithful Thousand Day Sylvain workers, who without their diligence and hard work this could not happen. It is a powerful day when we as MH workers honor and bless the mamas with joyful hearts!

In order for the store to happen, Many Hands uses items from the thrift stores in the U.S. that will bless the mamas. All items are then sorted and put into bins and suitcases labeled for each of the 3 centers. They are then taken over to the sites the night before for an early morning set-up to open the store by 10:00 am! It takes a team effort to make this happen; drivers, 3-wheelers, cold drinks, tables, personnel, and supplies are transported to bless the mamas. Many Hands has a core value of “Pi Bon Ansanm”, meaning Better Together. This is strongly played out as different departments ALL come together to make this special day happen. We are the body of Christ, all coming together to serve together.

Above: Everyone working together to unpack items. Below: Some of the moms shopping the store.


This year has marked the restarting of the leadership training of MH4H with a model of smaller training groups spanning a few months. Our current curriculum called Lead Like Jesus is designed to give each person an opportunity to examine their heart, head, hands, and habits to see if they mirror what Jesus modeled as he mentored the disciples. Our second class, which started in July, consists of five different managers in charge of security, logistics, safe homes, agriculture, and the First 1,000 Days Program. In addition, it includes three spiritual moms who work with the mothers, two nurses who care for medical needs, and two chaplains. With our first class of teachers and now with our second class of upper-level Haitian managers, it has become apparent that these people are uniquely gifted individuals already serving with integrity and skill.

Left-Right: Kalot (security and grounds), Yves (logistics), Jean Missol (chaplain), Inodane and Wilna ( spiritual moms), Lerosanne ( nurse).

Psalm 78, written by Asaph, chronicles how God led his people with a cloud by day and pillar of fire by night through the desert for 40 years. It concludes that he chose David from shepherding his own sheep pens to shepherding the people of
Israel. The psalm concludes, “And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.” It is a joy to see how God has called each of the participants in the leadership classes to learn more about their unique roles in
serving with MH4H, calling them from their own sheep pens to the task of shepherding the Haitian people with integrity and skill in the area God has called them to. Each is eager to see how the Holy Spirit will pour into their lives to re-shape their leadership in new ways.

Left-Right. Monette (nurse), Dieunante (spiritual mom), Claudin (agriculture), Kethlin (first thousand days), Jean Robenson (chaplain), Rene (safe homes).

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    Love all of what you are both doing to love and serve in the name of Jesus!


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