By Paul Brown

God works in a variety of ways. Sometimes it takes a while to feel God’s presence and other times it happens in an instant. Today was our first full day in Haiti and as soon as we began our mission work for the day the Holy Spirit could be felt moving throughout our team as well as the local community of Pignon.

On our way!

We started with pouring a concrete floor for a family in the community of Lapila. From pouring the concert floor to the dance off going on in the front yard, the fellowship was all around.

Yah, its a dirty job! For me too!

Mixing the concrete Front porch A job well done Done in record time!

Later in the day we delivered food packages to five different families. To visit the families in their home and to chat with them a little really made me get more of an understanding of what life is like in the community. Some families had illnesses while others had loved ones working far from home. But one thing that remained constant with each family was their trust in God and the joy they had. When we arrived at one of the homes the two sons ran inside to change into their dress clothes to greet and thank us.

Bringing food to families Here we go again!

For the community they may have thought our first day was spent blessing them but the experience and interaction was a blessing to me. The trip has only just begun and I know that God has so much more in store for us with many more blessings in the days ahead.

Shoulder rides on campus Enjoying the playground

Supper is served

Paul Brown