The Gumpel Family Team was blessed with God’s presence during Sunday’s church service. Through worship and prayer, the people were filled with the Holy Spirit. The team found that God works through all things.

Surrounded by God’s presence while attending church

 I feel the entire group was moved by today’s events. We started with an awesome Sunday worship service that was about ten minutes from our campus. The church pavilion was made with sticks that were bound together. It had a roof made from ti with a dirt floor. Despite the circumstances, the Haitians were joyful and filled with praise as every single one worshiped the Lord. I could definitely feel the Holy Spirit present during the entire church service.

Downtown Pignon at lunch time! Distributing food to those in need

Blessing those in need with food Eleane is happy to have help with her foot Helping our friend Eleane with her right foot Eleane’s great grandsons posing for our camera

After lunch, we delivered food to some ladies in great need. I was very moved by one of the ladies in particular; she was an older lady maybe in her 80’s who was very touched by us praying and delivering her food. She explained that she is becoming very weak and can no longer walk. As we prayed for her, she started to cry and thanked us for our kindness. It was a touching moment for everyone.

Praying for a weakening Haitian lady

Viewing the mountain we are hiking tomorrow!

-Elijah Gumpel