When called to serve, April answered! With her family, she has been able to experience and spread God’s love with her family. With so much to be done, the team looks forward to their remaining time in Haiti!

This is the third mission trip I’ve done here in Pignon, Haiti. It wasn’t until ten days before our departure that I decided to join my whole family. The Lord kept waking me up in the middle of the night with reasons I should go, so I listened. I’m glad I did!

 Many Hands for Haiti is a wonderful organization to serve. They have fresh drinking water, which includes ice cubes… Something you appreciate after a long day of working. Another thing I appreciate so much are the clean, rat, snake, and tarantula free showers. However more important than these comforts, I have experienced the most amazing ministry of showing God’s love to others alongside my family.

Many Hands definitely makes use of everyone’s time here. As soon as we were unpacked, we started our schedule. We always took a break for lunch and stopped for dinner… Wonderful meals “Haitian style!” You definitely won’t lose any weight here (one of the girls on our team thought she would!).

Sharing a bible story at VBS

Today, we hosted a short VBS with 50 beautiful Haitian children in the nearby community of Tinot. We made a dessert together, did art with the children’s painted hands, and taught the children the American game of “Dodge ball.” What a joy!

Sharing dessert! Playing dodge ball! Having fun at VBS! All of the children at VBS!

The interesting thing in all this is that I am looking forward to returning, and we haven’t even left yet!  I am so thankful the Lord was persistent in having me come on this trip. I would have missed so much.
-April Gumpel