Written by Madeline Leichty and Delaney Miller of the Bethel Team

2015-07-05 Sunday

This morning, we visited a local church in Pignon.  Our experience was different than the churches back in the states.  The people of the church were louder and more energetic.  Some even danced in their pew.  We also realized that the pastor was very passionate about what he was preaching to the people of Haiti.  Our group got up and sang How Great Thou Art in front of the whole congregation, but it wasn’t near as good as when they got up and sang.

After church, we went out to eat at a restaurant.  We never got a menu; we were just served rice, beans, and a chicken leg.  It was very small; we all barely fit in the same room.  Just like yesterday, we went around and gave children some toys and clothes and gave the families food.  We felt privileged to give make these people happy that God provided for their families.  We made sure that we let them know that it wasn’t from us it was from God.  One of the houses that we visited, there was a seven year old boy that was crippled and wasn’t able to walk much at all because of his feet. We also prayed over the little boy and hopefully we can find him help.

The group eating at the restaurant after church.
This was a 104 year old lady, who just started singing praises when we gave her food and prayed for her. See video below.

This was a 104 year old lady, who just started singing praises when we gave her food and prayed for her. See video below.

The 104 year old lady and her family. This is Kaky, who has been crippled since 4 years old. He doesn’t have a wheel chair or PET to help get around. This is what Kaky’s feet look like and how he walks. Kaky and his mother, who were extremely grateful for the food and prayers. These are the pillow case dresses, as made by the ladies at Leighton Ebenezer Church. Madame Melice was also a recipient of the food distribution and prayers today. Claudin and Dakota praying with Madame Melice. It is important to not just give physical substance, but spiritual nourishment as well. Praising god after the food and prayer distribution at their house.

Our group then went to watch an authentic Haitian soccer game! It was interesting to watch because they play a lot harder than we do. Their soccer field was pretty much made entirely out of dirt (and like, two blades of grass).  They had to stop the game early due to fighting in the crowds.  It was kind of scary to see.

This is Kenzi playing at the soccer game in La Juene. He was excited the team was able to watch the game.

Overall, today was a faith-jerking day.  A personal experience that I (Madeline), was when we gave food to one of the older ladies and she was praising God and thanking Him.  I prayed over her and then we left.  But while I was listening to her thanking God, I just couldn’t help but think, how can she have so much faith in God when their world is so broken?  But I see now that the reason why it takes so much faith in God in a broken world is because you need to know that no matter how hard your life is, no matter what happens to you or your family, and no matter how little food you have, you need to understand that God will always be there and he always takes care of His precious children.