by Carrie Vande Haar, MH4H trip participant

We started off the morning doing odd jobs around the compound. Some of us rebuilt a fence around the garden, some graveled an area, and others tried to level off an open area to make a soccer field. It was futile work, and it was funny to see us white people try to swing pick axes. Nevertheless, we worked until Thrive for Five started.

The team spent the morning working hard around the compound. 

It was fun to see all the mothers with their little kids at Thrive for Five. I also enjoyed seeing Woody, Cassidy, and Heather work for Thrive. We passed out deworming medicine to the kids, although many of the kids spit the medicine out. Hopefully they still swallowed enough medicine to get rid of the worms.

After Thrive, my family had the opportunity to give some gifts to my Aunt Francis’s sponsor child. She ate lunch with us and really enjoyed eating the peanut butter. After, I got to take her home on the motorcycle with Woody driving. It was my first time ever on a motorcycle, and it was fun! Her family lived in a home built by MH4H and had a cement floor. I learned that many kids get worms from sleeping on the dirt, so a cement floor is very helpful.

This evening the group went to the hospital and sang some songs and handed out some soap, stuffed animals, and cars. We also prayed for the patients. On the way back to the compound, we stopped and got some ice cream. It was tasty!

I have truly enjoyed every day of this week. Today we got to both work hard and enjoy ice cream. It was a great day.

– – –

by Steve and Lynn Nunnikhoven, MH4H trip participants

The weather this morning was a little on the cool side. This was a good thing because we started out the day doing many jobs outside. We took a break when Thrive for Five began. Many mothers, with their baby, walk a very long distance to be a part of this program. At Thrive, four days a week are dedicated to talking about the Bible. On Tuesdays, their time is spent learning about health habits. We also had the opportunity to pass out meals to the kids. What a blessing to be able to be a part of this activity.

One of the mom listens to the health tips at Thrive for 5. 

Our next event for the day was delivering two goats to needy families. Our first family was an elderly family with a husband who was quite ill. The second family was a family with six or seven children, along with extended family. Both families were very appreciative. We also passed out purses with a doll in them, cars, and diapers to the people who gathered around us while we were delivering the goats.

purse dollsThree Haitian girls proudly pose with their new purse dolls. 

We ended our day making a trip to the hospital. We began our time there singing songs in the hallway. After singing, we divided up and prayed with each patient. We gave the families a card that told them we were praying for them and that Jesus loves them. We also handed out purses with dolls and diapers.

Each day is filled with new blessings for the people living here and for our group.

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