The Haven team is blessing MH4H by tiling our Operational Directors’ apartment. While part of the group worked away in the guesthouse the others had the opportunity to learn about Haiti’s culture, history, language. Most importantly, the team was challenged to embrace the discomfort of stepping out of their comfort zones in order to learn something new.

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Today, we split up into two different groups. The vast majority of us did activities on campus, while Kurt, Aaron, Tom, and Nick helped finish up their tiling project. Those of us who explored the campus started by going on a “prayer walk” (a 1/4 walk around their campus). Then, we proceeded to a challenge, carrying a 5 gallon or a 35 pound bucket full of water around the campus. Later, we learned Many Hands mission statement which is to empower the people of Haiti. Finally, we visited the goat farm to wrap up the day. We met the guards there, and had the opportunity to view the land from their watch tower.

Owen and Clay Koning

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  1. Tom

    Michigan people rock!
    I thank God for a great week with great people (even Dave) love you all!


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