Sitting on the shack on top of the mountain.

Written by Cherise Kamerman- Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church of Knoxville, TN.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to hike to the top of a mountain in Pignon. When we woke up at 4:30, it was still pitch black so we headed out with flashlights in hand. As we walked, the trail became steeper and rockier until finally we arrived at the top. I was told the total distance was a little over a mile but it felt much longer than that. Despite the difficult climb, the view at the top was definitely worth it. The entire town and other mountains could be seen. We all sat on top of a cement roof of the one building that was there. As we rested, the breeze that passed us was the most refreshing¬† feeling I have had since we arrived in Haiti. After everyone had reached the top, we started to sing praise songs. It was an incredible experience to praise God while looking out at his beautiful creation, especially while singing the song, “God of Wonders”. Just like the song says, the mountains truly did declare God’s majesty. On the way down the mountain, almost all of us slipped ad fell on several occasions and we all laughed at each other. When we finally arrived back at home we were all more than ready for a shower and some rest. I am very grateful for this experience and look forward to serving God and seeing more of His creation as the week goes on! Thank you all who have supported our team and Many Hands for Haiti! God Bless!

Praising God

Group selfie with a selfie stick

Written by Hannah Pifer

Living it up in Haiti and LOVING every minute of it!

We¬†had a super cool experience two days ago! A young blind orphaned boy who lives here at the orphanage where we are staying was sitting with Andy and I at dinner. Andy offered him some honey and bread. His eyes lit up and his mouth grew into a WIDE grin. “Yes!” He responded. I placed the little square of bread in his hand, honey dripping off of it into his palm. He ate it up and smiled, thanking me. When I turned back around to check on him, he was licking his hand. I asked if he’d like another bite. “Oh yes!”, so I asked Andy for a bigger piece with lots more honey loaded on it (as the honey was what he was enjoying). When I placed it in his hand, the bread was so loaded that the honey ran down the sides. He grabbed it and started licking the honey off the bread…delightful twinkles in his eyes. He was savoring every mouthful, making sounds of enjoyment as he went about polishing off his snack.

We continued to sit around the table, enjoying fellowship and talking. About ten minutes later the honey and bread was put away. I glanced over my shoulder to where our friend had been sitting. What I saw took me back and I tapped Andy’s arm to see as well. Our little friend had his face turned upward, and was smelling the palm of his hand while rocking peacefully back and forth… All while saying “mmm It is good. So, so good,” just savoring the smell from his honey treat. It struck me deeply his pleasure and delight. His enjoyment, contentment, and satisfaction were pouring out of him. He was in his zone and unaware of us around him. I asked him, “Are you speaking of the honey.” He replied “Yes. Good. Very good”

That morning, one of the passages of scripture we were studying was Psalms 19:7-11 as we are discussing the need for wholehearted obedience in God’s infallible word. This Psalm is filled with a list of descriptions on God’s word and its effect on us. It’s perfect, revives the soul, is trustworthy, makes the simple wise. It’s right and makes the heart glad! His words are radiant and light up the eyes. They are reliable and righteous…more desirable than gold and “sweeter than honey- than honey dripping from the comb…”
God gave me such a sweet tangible snapshot of His promise. Praying we would find His words to be the sweetest of all and that we would RADIATE with JOY after each tasting—just like my sweet Haitian friend has shown me!!!!

A few prayer requests

A tiny very sick little 3 to 4 yr old came in to the clinic where we are staying. She is the product of chronic malnutrition. She weighs in at 16.5lbs. Just crushing us. Pray her grandmother will be willing to let her stay till she thrives!

Several adoptions of children here who are caught in years long paper wait. Pray the papers now enter correct hands.

For a few on our team… Meagan sick with a bad chest cold & Emma who has a very weird painful bite. Oh yeah Andy tore a huge hunk out of his big toe pray that it doesn’t get infected.

…. Working with a great American nurse on site.


Lunch at the local restaurant

Skit being shared at the afternoon “Come as you are” Service

We were able to share a few worship songs at the service