Hey Friends!

No baby yet but this will hopefully be my last communication before she comes! This week is my due date week so we are hopeful! I had three different due dates given by three different doctors. Friday is my Dominican due date and we are just trying to have a “fantastic time” as my doctor prescribed! Praying for, thinking about, and waiting to see what birthday God has chosen for our little sweetie! I will share pictures etc. as soon as we can after she is born.

As you know my family is safe and sound here in the DR. As well, Many Hands and our family in Pignon are far from the imminent danger but are being affected by commerce shortages. Meanwhile, Port au Prince and other areas of Haiti are literally burning to the ground. It’s frustrating and sad to see the Haitians respond this way. These manifestations are beyond belief. The general population is looting businesses and burning everything. The gangs are still violently controlling the Port au Prince streets. Don’t they see this will just propel them into deeper despair?

Not to diminish any of these awful things as this IS a humanitarian crisis, but as Christians, we know this is more importantly a soul crisis. Haiti has always been dominated by spiritual darkness and right now is no different. And through this darkness, it can be so hard to see that God is still in control. 

I want to share some words a fellow missionary shared to Facebook that I have held it in my heart during this last month.

In His Presence is Understanding

Psalms 73:16-17 – “When I tried to understand all this, it troubled me deeply till I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their final destiny.”

David was troubled when he saw how the wicked prospered. He thought only the righteous should prosper. He didn’t understand this until he entered the sanctuary of God.


How often are we troubled by the things we see? We don’t understand why God allows certain things. We don’t understand the workings of God. We don’t understand why certain things have happened to us or are happening to us. It doesn’t make any sense to us. We become frustrated, distressed, and maybe even resentful.


What must we do? We need to spend time in God’s presence. Sometimes we come out of God’s presence and our questions may not be fully answered, but we will come out with greater faith. We will no longer be frustrated, distressed, or resentful, but encouraged. We will trust God knows what He is doing and His way is best.

What you’re not going to see on the news; there are miracles happening every day! God is protecting and providing for his children! Despite the gas crisis, there are organizations in Port that are still able to function. Farmer John’s, a successful meat production plant, could have lost all of its inventory without being able to find gas. Gas is rare and $35 if you do find it. They have been close to closing many times. A large birthing center, Mama Baby Haiti, is still helping many women give birth and receive pre and postnatal care. They have reported seeing many, many women who are weak from hunger, scared that they won’t be able to have the strength to birth their babies. I cried reading this. Also, so thankful that despite all challenges, Many Hands has been able to continue our programming, feeding over 250 mamas and babies each day!

Last week Haiti’s Prime Minister asked the global community for help. Yesterday reports that the UN has proposed “rapid-response troops” to help the country “regain control from gangs”. Today on Facebook, Haitians are burning flags and saying they don’t want the help. They want the Prime Minister to leave. They want a better solution. 

This is my hope and prayer too. That in the midst of this crisis, God is working out a more durable solution. A solution for Haiti to finally experience peace and prosperity.

Please remember us in prayer as baby Aldonza makes her way into the world!

    • Pray for an easy and safe delivery
    • Pray big brother Adonijah adjusts well to baby’s appearance

Please remember Haiti and the many people suffering

    •  Pray that God continues to do miracles for His children and that many people come to the saving knowledge of His Love!
    • Pray for water, gas, and other life-saving resources to begin to flow 
    • Pray for a real and permanent solution to this ongoing crisis