As the Bright Horizons education team continue their work setting up the preschool, they also get involved in giving to those in need in Pignon.

This morning we were woken up by our goat and chicken friend bright and early! We had the chance to help with peanut harvesting this morning at 6:00am. We helped pull the peanuts out of the ground and then pulled them off of the plant. It rained last night which helped us pull the peanuts out of the ground easier. It was an interesting experience and we are glad that we got to be a part of it!  


Helping the Haitian staff with the peanut harvest

We had some french toast for breakfast this morning and then headed off to devotions with the Many Hands 4 Haiti staff.

We met the preschool teacher Juna today! We prayed for the school’s success, children, and teachers. We then were finally able to put together the classroom! We put in the chairs and tables and the carpet tiles for the children. After that, we spent our afternoon getting things ready for the classroom. We didn’t finish it all, but we got a great start! Everything seemed to fall in place perfectly and all seemed well.

The new preschool classroom is almost ready

Next, we were able to help plant banana trees for some families here! We rode in the back of the three wheeler around the community and stopped at two different homes. We dug up five holes with a pick-ax and a shovel and then planted the shoots. The families watched seeming eager to await their new banana tree. There was such an overwhelming happy feeling knowing that this will supply them with food.  There are at least 1,000 banana trees on Many Hands 4 Haiti property, so it was a pleasure to take what we have grown here and give to those around us.

Planting the Banana trees!

On our way home, we saw many Haitian kids on the streets and we stopped to play and sing with them. The smiles on their faces were contagious. They knew some English songs that Craig (Program Leader for MH4H) had taught them. It was a joy listening to them.

The rest of the night, we worked more on the banners for the open house for the preschool classroom. We had a nice dinner with everyone in the house and then we shared stories on the porch while getting our hair braided by some of the Haitian staff.

Tomorrow morning Sarah and Tia will tackle Mount Pignon!

God Bless!
Sara & Tia