by Ryan Van Soelen & Corey Van Kooten, MH4H trip participants

Bonswa family and friends! Today began a little slow for almost everybody. Whether it was bad rashes/poison ivy or loud music, it was a rough night of sleep for most, but spirits were high nonetheless in anticipation for the day’s activities.

We started the day off with a light breakfast and then walked over to Savanette’s local market. A few days earlier, we had the privilege to stroll through the market in Pignon, but this one couldn’t compare. Josh Beltman was able to purchase an “airport safe” machete (insert laugh here) for ten US dollars and Lucia bought some fresh pineapples. From there we hurried back to the compound for our next event.

Thrive for Five is a program where mothers with young children can come sing songs, play games, listen to a Bible story and then receive a mid-day meal. One eye-opening fact learned today was that this meal may be the only food these children have the entire day. Needless to say, there were no full plates left. We all had a blast playing a form of volleyball with the inflatable globes we brought for each of the children. In addition, we were able to give a shortened version of the creation story that had been presented at Pella Christian School the previous day. Just being able to play with the kids and love on them was a highlight for most everyone. After this event finished we ate a quick lunch.

Day 4d

The afternoon consisted of group members going separate ways and accomplishing different tasks. One group stayed on the compound and painted the new Depot building. Another group went in to Pignon and attended a sewing class. There they were able to observe a new class begin on some simple stitch work. The last group also traversed the bumpy roads to Pignon to buy rice, beans, chicken bouillon, and oil to give out to families at Thrive for Five tomorrow.

When the groups that went to Pignon got back to the compound in Savanette, we found out that we had the opportunity to deliver a goat to a family in need. It took a ride in the truck and a semi-strenuous walk in the countryside to deliver the pregnant goat to the sponsor child’s family. While there, we also were granted permission to look in the family’s house and see how most Haitians live.

After a delicious supper, we made an assembly line to put together meals for the families that will attend Thrive for Five tomorrow. The group had a lot of fun putting the meals together. We sang some Disney songs, a little Backstreet Boys, Smashmouth, and even some Christmas carols, which Justine seemed to appreciate.

Even with the slow start, today ended up being a very productive, fun, and positive day. With the exception of some rashes that seem to be spreading thanks to the heat and humidity here in Haiti, everyone is doing great! We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here so far and look forward to what God has in store for us the remaining two days.

This team had a neat opportunity to receive prayer from our Haitian brothers and sisters at church on Sunday. Read all about it here.