As many now know, Hurricane Matthew ripped through Southwest Haiti, leaving a massive amount of destruction in its path. For us, we are located in the North Central Plateau of Haiti and the damage we sustained was very small. Yesterday, we did an assessment in our communities, as well as talked to friends in large communities in Cap Haitian, Gonaives, and Port-au-Prince, and very little long-term damage occurred in these areas. Praise God for His protection of so much of the island, as early forecasts were not as favorable.

Hurricane damage at Port Salut / Photo: Michael Broyles, MAF Pilot

The Southwest section of Haiti was hit extremely hard, leaving communities like Dame Marie, Jeremie, and Les Cayes decimated by the storm. Right now, the biggest needs from personnel on the ground are:
1) water, as the current sources are contaminated,
2) medical care for the injured,
3) food, as much is contaminated or damaged, and
4) construction assistance to rebuild the damaged cities. As we are in the North Central Plateau and travel is extremely difficult right now, it does not make fiscal sense for us to provide direct relief assistance with the people most in need.

Here is what we are doing:

Because of previous blessings, we have a stock of clothing, food, and small bags to distribute. We are packing these bags and getting them to another organization that is going to these areas next week. They will directly distribute these bags to families that see the doctor that is going with the group.

We do have relationships with organizations working in the area and any money that we receive, we will be sending 100% of those funds to the organizations that can have the most impact. These are organizations flying people and supplies into the area, organizing the rebuilding, seeing people with medical needs, and working on getting clean water to the area.

One of thousands of homes destroyed / Photo Michael Broyles, MAF Pilot

If you feel called to give and help support the relief work following Hurricane Matthew, we will steward your gift and get it to those most in need. But, I also wanted to be completely transparent, as we will not be doing the direct relief, as it is not responsible for us to do so, given our location to the most damage. We will distribute 100% of the funds given to us, if you do feel called to give through Many Hands for Haiti.

Continue to pray for the country of Haiti, as they are beautiful people that continue to be dealt with problems to overcome. May God bring peace and unity through this time of trouble and may God’s people respond to be the hands and feet of Christ to people in need.

Be blessed,

Tim Brand
Executive Leader
Many Hands for Haiti