Christian Heiden is an Eagle Scout from Hartford, CT, working on his final project using hydroponics to create sustainable agriculture in third world countries. He is here with family to finish this project. 

We are three days into the construction of our hydroponic greenhouse. The house is almost completed and the systems set up. The design of this greenhouse should provide drastically higher produce yields than traditional farming, while using only a few gallons of water a day and small amounts of fertilizer. The greenhouse is easy to run and Claudin, the campus’ agronomist, is working with us so that he will be expert in its operation and able to train others.


Setting up the frame for the greenhouse


Many hands and minds help overcome challenges!

Christian and Claudin working side-by-side to level the ground.

The hope is twofold. First, we expect that this house will provide as much as a hundred pounds of produce a week, which we hope will help provide support to many in Pignon. But more importantly the greenhouse, if successful, will be a model for future greenhouses and will be replicated to provide a sustainable food source for Pignon and even further. Things are already looking up for the success of the house, and I can’t wait to see it fully operational. No matter what, we have been blessed to be welcomed by Many Hands and are grateful and humbled for the opportunity to serve.