Written by Ben Galeazzi

Today started a little bit later with a 7:30 breakfast then off to pour concrete at 8:00. Oh and you can’t leave out the amazing view. You could see the beauty in the mountains and the pure and blue sky, walking down the dirt road to the Haitians house, where we were helping. As we started mixing the concrete, and filling bucket after bucket with it, I was amazed with how hard, and joyful the Haitian people work! We can all really learn a valuable lesson on how a community should help each other, and work as a team. Then at about 11:00, we finished up the concrete, and the Haitian people were very happy and thankful. We all gathered together, held hands, bowed our heads, and prayed to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. We prayed a blessing on the family, and reminded the family their new floor came from Jesus! Then we all said Mesi!! And we were on our way back to the dorm.

Around noon we ate a wonderful meal, prepared by the amazing cooks. After that we all loaded up in the trucks and we headed off to the woman’s conference at John Robert’s land in Lapila. I believe Ali will inform everyone how that went, as us men helped out and laid rock on a dirt road right by the compound while the women went to the conference. As we loaded rock in the back of the truck, we got dust in our eyes, hair, and maybe even a little in our teeth! But as Mr. Carter Terpstra said “Embrace the grunge” and that has been a big theme for us guys this past week, as you can imagine how dirty we young men tend to get when we all are having fun and serving the Lord at the same time!

So then I’d say around 4:00, we finished up the rock loading and spreading, and the ladies finished up their conference. Then a few of us headed into Pingon to get some supplies, and the rest headed back to the dorm. At 6:00 the dinner bell rings, and its time for another amazingly tasty meal from the cooks! After dinner we all went outside and played with the Haitian kids, and the ladies got their hair braided by the Haitian girls, and I personally got my hair cut from Kenzie who did a great job! Then at 8:30 we all gathered for devotions, prayer, and singing. It was very emotional for us all, as we reflected on the past week and how it was our last day here. I will say, for me and everyone else, it is going to be very hard leaving this amazing place. But as Evans said, “You have to leave to be able to come back!” And that’s how our last day in Haiti went. Thanks for reading and checking in on us!!


Written by Ali Cranmer

I had been looking forward to this day since we received our itineraries. This afternoon we had an opportunity to host a Women’s Conference for about 50 women. The purpose of the conference was to honor the women; to let them know that they are a significant part of God’s design, and to share the hope we have in Christ. Nick and I (Ali) “acted” out the story of the Woman the Well while Lucia told it. To be honest, I am not terribly sure the women realized that this wasn’t actually MY story but they were intrigued and interested.

After the story was shared Lucia gave a brief message about the hole’s we have in our hearts and that Jesus is the only person that can truly fill the hole. We passed out paper hearts and gave some time for reflection so that each woman could pray through what they try to fill their hearts with and/or what has caused holes for them. We then had the opportunity to confess our holes.

We ended our time together praying for one another. We got to pray fort he Haitian women and then they prayed for us. AWESOME!!!


Ali praying with a Haitian woman

Like I said, I had been looking forward to this for a while. Having the opportunity for women to know God’s heart for them, is a huge part of my own heart and my story. At different time’s in my life I have been told I am less than, not as influential and/ or questioned because of my gender. In Haiti, you accept the fact that your husband will probably have multiple partner’s; that you may not have as many opportunities; and to deny yourself and your gifts and talents for the sake of others. It is heartbreaking to see the glory of God limited for them because they are considered less.

Today it felt like God’s heart was revealed a little more. It felt like women were able to see that they were a significant part of God’s original design and that nothing could tear them away from what God feels about them. My hope and prayer is that not only the 50 women realized this, but that our students did too.

Will you join me in praying?


Thank you that you love each one of us. Thank you that we are all your masterpieces and that you are the only person that can truly satisfy us. Father, thank you for your desire to fill us and love us. Remind us each, Lord, when we try to fill ourselves with things other than you and may we be quick to confess it to you. Father, we thank you for your gentle love and your captivating pursuit. Thank you for letting us learn to love and find wholeness in you no matter our race or nationality.


See you soon! 


Written by Joel Van Maanen

Today we started breakfast at 7:30.  By the time 8:00 had arrived, we were off to work. One group did concrete and the other group went and pulled weeds at the MH4H land where a new compound is going to go. Everyone did his or her tasks until noon. Then we came back to our missionary’s house and ate lunch.

After lunch we went to a club called “The Women’s Club”. That’s where women go to worship God, when their kids are at school, or if they have nothing to do. While we were at the club, the men gathered up gravel to put on a dirt road, so that when it rained it wouldn’t get so muddy for the people to work through. The women helped with the club and praised God with the Haitian ladies.

Some of the ladies kids came and we played soccer with them. It wasn’t long until we were finished, and half the crew went to town to say their last goodbyes and the others just went back to the house to chill.

The rest of the night we’ve been playing games and praising god for our time here. I can’t wait to come back to Haiti. It was the best experience of my life, and I’m so glad God gave me the chance to come here. Thanks!