Many Hands is thrilled to announce the release of the newest branch of our organization, IMPACT. We believe that “we experience God’s love in action through community when we step out of our comfort zone, climbing the mountain of faith with our Heavenly Father. Uncovering our unique story in the midst of God’s global story, we will ask people to reflect on their journey to identify the passion already residing within them, look to the future with expectancy for how God can use them, connect with others in love and encouragement, and commit to being love in action in their daily lives” says Tim Brand, Many Hands CEO.

In 2020, we developed our five-year strategy, Generously Growing Impact. This strategy encompasses every branch of the work we do. Our thrift stores serve as a generosity engine, igniting resources in local and global communities. In Haiti and Abaco, Many Hands grows communities through our Love in Action programs. IMPACT represents the third segment of the strategy for Many Hands. This area is a combination of local and global transformative experiences that foster a deeper relationship with oneself, God, and their community.

Whether through mission trips to global locations, perspective-challenging local events, or email newsletters designed to encourage intentional reflection, IMPACT participants will experience God’s love in action through community. No matter if participants get involved in one part of IMPACT, all parts, or a mix; all aspects of IMPACT will inspire growth to something more.

Mission trips are an integral part of IMPACT. Many Hands has been sending teams to Haiti for over a decade which has been beneficial for both the local communities and Many Hands participants. Since 2018, trips have been interrupted due to a variety of challenges like political unrest, Covid-19, and gang violence. This pause allowed Many Hands to reimagine what these trips could look like. Taking the expertise that Many Hands already had, combined with new intentionality, IMPACT trips push participants further while still providing the details and care the organization is known for. Currently, Many Hands is offering Impact trips to Great Abaco, Bahamas where participants will be able to experience new cultures, while supporting the local communities, and learning more about themselves. These trips will also play a large role in establishing who Many Hands is within the country to create a firm foundation for our Love in Action programming to take place.

Other aspects of IMPACT include local events throughout the year, email communities, and more to come. Many Hands is excited to see what is possible through IMPACT.

Interested in learning more about IMPACT? Check out the website at to learn more, sign up for email groups, and to stay up to date on the latest news.