by Pete and Carol Verhey, MH4H trip participants

What a great day today! We woke up to the music of God’s creatures: the roosters! Just so you all know, Darla especially enjoyed them. We had a wonderful breakfast of ham and cheese omelets. The guys started out working on the irrigation system for the garden in the compound. This system is a prototype to help families in the area start their own gardens. Much progress was made. One complete system was produced and tested with five more to come. They also built a shelving unit for the batteries for the inverter system Dave hopes to install. In between they played soccer and catch with some of the little boys who were watching them work all day.

The ladies had a wonderful morning loving on kids from the Thrive for Five program headed up by Woody, Cassidy, and Heather. It was so fun for me to reconnect with Cassidy. We shared lots of hugs. It was also really good to get to know Heather and see their passion for the program and how it is making such a difference in these children’s lives.

We handed out the dolls that Linda Wichart knitted, and they were such a hit with the kids. We blew bubbles and threw balls and just hugged and rocked them. We were told that some moms actually walk an hour and a half to get their kids a good meal. It is hard to wrap my mind around that. They served them some soup with lots of veggies and noodles and things that we didn’t recognize, but they loved it and ate every drop. Some of the little ones even shared their soup with their older siblings who aren’t a part of the program because of their age or do not have a sponsor. They also sang with the kids, and Woody gave the message.

Carol Verhey with a little girl who attends Thrive for Five. 

After the children went home, we had lunch with Cassidy and Heather. It was so wonderful to take some time with them talking about their life here in Haiti. Then it was time for the ladies to get to work. Zeke really wanted the front gates of the compound painted. With the help of the guard (who only spoke Spanish), we got it done. The gates are now a beautiful bright green. I now can say I have used a Haitian ladder. Those rungs are really far apart!

After showers, we enjoyed our dinner and took a walk to the spring where the people bathe, wash their clothes, and fill water containers to bring home. It amazes me how much water such little children can carry. They are always smiling too and laughing at how we say “Bon jou”. Those smiles touch my heart and make me realize again how much God loves all His children. Today with the children we sang the Haitian version of “Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like You, You, You. “ I know He loves all these precious ones. The part I don’t understand is why He blesses me with so much and others with so little, but I do know that He calls us all to love as He does.

We also put the packets together of the toiletries that Calvary so generously provided. We have a whole huge suitcase of hygiene packets to bring to the hospital. It is such a blessing to know all our church family is supporting us with donations and most of all your thoughts and prayers. We can really feel those prayers. We have to say “hi” to our precious family and friends too. We love you all!