By: Allie Decker

Today was an inspiring day for all of us. We finished the leadership conference, which turned out to have more powerful impact on the Haitians than we had expected. At the end of the conference, several people from the crowd came to the front and shared what they learned. As I was sitting there listening to each of them tell their learning experience, I felt proud. Not in myself, but rather in all the students and faculty participating in this event. We all put a lot of hard work in making this happen and when each Haitian went up there thanking us and telling us they were going to be that change, we knew we had done well. Haiti is a great country with great people, everyone just needs to work together in order to allow the country to be at its best.


Logan says:

This has been an amazing week. I have learned so much in my time in Haiti. This stuff includes things about my friends and myself. The Haitians have been nothing but nice, and the power of God in so strong here. After everything we do, we join with them in prayer. Whether that activity be pouring concrete or teaching them about leadership. In the two days we had the leadership, two people gave themselves to Christ, while another girl during the communication and forgiveness portion. This experience is one I will never forget, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be in the position I am in with the people I am with.


Below are picture from Wednesday, March 11th.


Bildad at the Leadership Conference. Woody Cadet, MH4H education manager. Clauden Augustine, MH4H Agronomist Leadership team building activity The strength of many, another team building activity. The Cumberland team, and leadership participants in front of Pastor Levy’s church. The team made many new friends. Smiles and hugs are in abundance!
Local school recess, that the team visited.

Local school recess, that the team visited.

School teacher Teacher in a classroom during the team visits. Market ladies, selling souvenirs to the team. Another market lady.