Today, I am enjoying an extremely long layover in DFW airport on my way down to Haiti. I have had plenty of layovers in my life, as at one point I flew over 110 legs a year. Most of them I handle with extreme frustration and a “Let’s get this over with” attitude. Then it dawned on me today – is this the attitude I carry through most of my life?

You see, I am not the most patient of people. By the grace of God, I’ve been given more patience over the years, but I still rank low on the overall patience scale. Looking back over my life, I have robbed myself of the enjoyment of now, as I continually push for the future to come. And today I realized – this is a sin.

Such is my prayer as I head to Haiti this week: “God, give me the eyes to see the now, the peace to live in your presence, and the spirit of love to give to many.” I have never blogged when I have been in Haiti, most of the time because I am on Mach 10 speed and too busy to slow down to have a fireside chat with my friendly computer screen. But on this trip, I am going to consciously make efforts to do so and hopefully, you can experience a little bit of Haiti through my eyes this week.

God has amazing things in store for this organization. God has amazing things in store for me. God has amazing things in store for you. We sometimes just have to be forced to have a layover to recognize it.