“Better Together” – These words aren’t simply a catchy slogan. They make up one of MH4H’s core values. They are a belief system which defines how we interact with the world around us. “Better Together” says that, when your strength covers my weakness and my strengths aids your weakness, we can partner to build a stronger future. The Lutheran Church of Hope team is practicing this very value as they team up with several national and international companies and ministries to serve the future of Haiti. 


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Today was another joyous, God-filled day in Haiti. We had 1 adventurous group wake up at 5:30am and head to the Citadel in Milot.  Here’s some information from that group:
“We left when the stars were still out and got to learn more about the Haitian culture on the journey…. Kids walking to school in their uniforms, Moms walking to the well to draw water, etc… We stopped on the side of the road for breakfast of warm bread, hard boiled eggs, coconut water, and sweet coffee. Many Haitians took care of us during the climb up to the Citadel and kept offering horse rides to us when we appeared tired. Getting a tour of the palace and citadel ruins was eye-opening. We couldn’t believe how big it was and how many slaves gave their lives to build this fortress on the mountain.  The best part of the day was watching Christi, our leader at MH4H, interact with the Beautiful Haitian people.”  – Misti Borgestad
We had another group going to schools to take heights and weights of children and hand out Toms shoes to each child. Have you ever bought a pair of shoes from Toms and wonder, do they actually donate a pair of shoes with every purchase? Well, we can confirm that they do! The kids were so excited to get their new pair of shoes.  The Lord blesses us all in many different ways.
We had another group stay at the campus and help work on the prayer path. They worked so hard to make it a clean and peaceful place for others to come and spend time with the Lord. We would like to thank you all for your continuous support and prayers.  Bon dye beni ou! (God Bless You)