Andrew, from Lutheran Church of Hope, shares the contentment of a day’s hard work and the community therein. Keep reading to see how the Church came together to stand alongside the most vulnerable of any culture – children and mothers.

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Today we were given the opportunity to serve several families by providing trees that will produce fruit for them.  We worked alongside local men and some very helpful children 🙂 . We planted coconut trees, mango trees, papaya trees, cashew trees, and morenga trees.  After planting the trees were able to pray with the families and request blessing over the land and the trees to bear fruit for years to come to bless the families.  

It was such a joy to work along the local Haitian men.  To work with a common goal with individuals that do not know you and have a communication barrier with you is a blessing in itself.  Just like most every time we go out into the community, we had a crowd of children that were very interested in what we were doing.  There were a couple of local boys that wanted to be a part of what we were doing and worked very hard to serve the families.  The boys were such a good reminder on how, when we do missions work, we can think that we are the ones that will be serving but we will also be the ones being served from time to time.
Another opportunity that we were given is to measure and weigh children at a school that are receiving meals from Meals from the Heartland.  Many of us have volunteered by packaging meals for Meals from the Heartland and to be able to see this ministry come “full-circle” was a wonderful experience.  I am truly blessed to know that there are so many people back in Iowa that have volunteered for Meals from the Heartland that are blessing the beautiful children that we met today.
I am so blessed to be on this team with my teammates.  God knew exactly who to bring together to build such a wonderful fellowship.  We are thankful for all of the prayers and we look forward to coming home soon to see our families and friends.