Morgan and the team from Lutheran Church of Hope have helped with two faucets of the MH4H education program. First, they gave out goats so families will be able to pay for their children’s future education and then they played with the very children who will benefit from that morning’s goat distribution.

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Today was a very crazy and eye opening day for our group and especially me. This morning we woke up and realized it was our last day and we all got a little sad. Haiti has left such an impact on our lives and faith journey which makes it so much harder to leave. After we had breakfast, we headed out to go deliver goats to the families who were in the program. This program is through Many Hands for Haiti and it supplies families with a goat for how ever it needs to be used for that family. Arriving to pick up the goats was hard. When the goats were picked up, they just started screaming and they didn’t want to leave. This was really hard to see and hear but deep down we all new that God had blessed these families with these goats for a reason so we knew that what was happening was for the best. 

Dropping the goats off to the two families was also very eye opening. Our first family was a family of three and they were in need of a new home. Seeing this made my heart break because I, myself, take things for granted way too easily and seeing that this family is living in terrible conditions and don’t have anything makes me realize that the life I have is truly a blessing. The second family we visited was a family of three as well. Both families were very grateful and when we prayed with them, we blessed God for his work in these families lives and we wished them the best in what ever way that may be. 

After lunch and doing some other work, we got to play at recess with the kids that are a part of the Preschool here on campus. This part was my favorite of the day for me personally because of the connection that I have made with the kids in just the short time I have been here. My roommates Lauren and Lily and I walked over to recess and all of a sudden the kids just ran to us and jumped on us. Seeing these kids so happy and grateful for just our simple presence made us all so grateful that God called us to go on this trip and meet the people we have. 
Later in the day, we came back to campus and made some clothe diapers for the babies in the community. Our whole group participated and it was an amazing experience. Just in this easy task, God was speaking to each one of us in a way that we had never felt. Being around my group and this community just makes my faith in God grow stronger every day. It is super crazy to think that it is our last full day in Haiti! It makes our hearts break but at the same time we are very thankful for this opportunity that we have been blessed with. This week has brought our group closer together and we have all helped each other know our purpose through Christ and what that looks like. I am super thankful for this trip and the things that God has taught and showed me within it. I can’t wait to come back next year and see what God has in store for me!

– Morgan